Ep 504. Pharmacy Collaboration With Physicians. Meet CareSync Concierge.

Podcast Guests Today

Ken Sternfeld and the Co-Founder of CareSync Concierge, Dr. Don Gudenas, developed a turnkey Telehealth solution to deliver a culture of patient care, compassion and empathy instead of dispensing prescriptions.

“As a healthcare provider in the concierge medicine field, finding better ways to help patients with diabetes is likely a high priority based on the growing number of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes each year. For patients with diabetes or heading in that direction, medical oversight and personalized care is crucial to help them stay healthy, safe, and supported. Thankfully innovations in digital technology like remote patient monitoring have given Concierge Physicians who have time with their patients, the ability to leverage those resources to help patients reach their health goals and manage their chronic conditions from the comfort of their homes.” ~CareSync Concierge



Topics In Today’s Podcast Include

  1. How has the use of connected health devices enhanced the world of concierge care ?
  2. How can concierge physicians monitor patient progress effectively to produce better patient outcomes without adding costs, staff while seamlessly integrating into existing work load ?
  3. How can concierge physicians enhance the deliverables of materials that support their care plans and protocols needed in their practice, without increasing costs ?
  4. How can any concierge practice leverage TeleHealth as opposed to Telemedicine ?
  5. How can adding a DiaBuddy Experience RemoteCare Solution to your concierge practice increase patient engagement and deliver revenue with No Out Of Pocket Expense ?

About Our Guests

Ken Sternfeld is a lifelong dreamer who believes that there is more to get out of life when you focus on helping others. As a son of a Pharmacist, he was inspired by the way his father treated his customers when he visited the store in Jamaica, Queens called Merrick Pharmacy. Customers called him ‘Doc’ and Ken was proud of his father who was helping members of the community.

As a practicing Pharmacist, following in his dad’s footsteps, Ken wanted to replicate the personalized patient care by working on ‘Pharmacy Fridays’ in the office of one concierge physician group, practicing in Long Island. Working directly with patients, Ken was able to take the time and make the time to help patients within the practice to set a new standard of collaborative chronic care management.

Ken expanded the business model as he pivoted during the pandemic to create a cash pay subscription based Virtual Wellness Solution that now delivers Remote Patient Monitoring and Medication Risk Management for patients struggling to deal with their diabetes and other chronic conditions to help them experience a better quality of life.

It was with that focus, that Ken set up a new entity called CareSync Concierge to deliver The DiaBuddy Experience, designed for concierge physicians nationwide to help them enhance patient outcomes and increase revenue with No Out of Pocket Expense to their patients or their changes in their practice workflow.

Using the experience and tools he used at traditional retail pharmacy as a two time winner of the Paragon Award at CVS and as a member of their Emerging Leader Program, Ken and the Co-Founder of CareSync Concierge, Dr. Don Gudenas, developed a turnkey Telehealth solution to deliver a culture of patient care, compassion and empathy instead of dispensing prescriptions. Ken was awarded the Long Island Business News ‘Innovator of The Year and as a mentor who has a passion for educating the next generation of Pharmacists, Ken was honored as the Preceptor of The Year at the University at Buffalo, University at Colorado Skaggs College of Pharmacy and most recently at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore School; of Pharmacy.

Today Ken lives with his wife Ronni on Long Island and enjoys all the time he can spend with his four wonderful grandchildren.

About Dr. Don Gudenas  PharmD

Chief Engagement Officer
CareSync Concierge
School of Remote Patient Care
Strong communicator with the proven ability to educate patients and consult with other healthcare professionals to promote evidence-based drug therapy plans and cost-effective alternatives. Highly adaptable pharmacist with extensive experience developing and monitoring optimal therapeutic plans, collaborating with prescribers, and improving patient treatment outcomes. Able to incorporate principals of functional medicine into primary care and emphasize precision medicine via application of pharmacogenomics. Clinical specialist with medication therapy management and chronic disease management certification. Expert knowledge of Pharmacy Administration and pharmaceutical Logistics (PAL).
Committed to connecting patients to pharmacists who care so that the medication experts may practice at the height of their diplomas as RemoteCare Providers and public health advocates, improving and saving lives while helping patients save money on prescription medications. At the CareSync Concierge School of Remote Patient Care, we welcome all the future generation of pharmacists and current pharmacists who want to set a new standard for patient engagement.
Ready to evolve pharmacy into the 21st century and re-invent the Image of the Pharmacist!



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