FTC Targets Tracking Pixels Amid Data Sharing Settlements with GoodRx, BetterHelp (JD SUPRA, LLC.)


Written by: Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Patrick Austin and Adam Greene

MARCH 22, 2023 – Digital healthcare platforms using third-party tracking pixels should be on alert in light of the recent post issued by the Federal Trade Commission’s new Office of Technology[1] and the FTC’s latest enforcement actions against two digital healthcare platforms, GoodRx and BetterHelp, strictly limiting the use of third-party tracking pixels for the unauthorized sharing of user health data for marketing and advertising.[2] The FTC alleged that the third-party tracking pixels had enabled both platforms to collect, analyze, and infer information about user activity, facilitating targeted advertising.[3]


SOURCE/Credit: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/ftc-targets-tracking-pixels-amid-data-6822737/

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