Las Vegas Internist Now Offers the Hybrid Choice™ Concierge Program from Concierge Choice Physicians

Patients can now secure additional time, service and support from their trusted physician


Mar 30, 2023, 13:00 ET 

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP), the nation’s leading full-service concierge medical service provider, today announced that Robert Chiascione, a primary care physician with MountianView Primary Care in Las Vegas, NV, has enrolled in the company’s Hybrid Choice program, an enhanced service that gives patients peace of mind with greater connectivity between doctor and patient.

Dr. Chiascione has a small, personalized internal medicine practice that serves a significant number of patients aged 50 and above who were seeking additional time, service and support. The Hybrid Choice program by CCP makes this practice experience possible. With the Hybrid Choice, Dr. Chiascione is able to provide patients the option to receive the highest level of connectivity, or to continue as a patient in his traditional practice. No patients are dismissed. The program is simply an option for patients who want assurance that the physician who knows them and their health history will be managing their medical care.

“Many of my patients are dealing with multiple conditions or a chronic condition that requires more time with me and more support from my staff, but that’s not always easy to offer in this demanding healthcare marketplace,” says Dr. Chiascione. “I needed to find a way to give my patients the option for this type of relationship.  That’s why I explored the Hybrid Choice option by CCP.”

Today’s medical practices are under increasing pressure. For physicians in high-need areas like Dr. Chiascione, CCP’s Hybrid Choice is a win-win for doctors and patients. Patients who join get more time and personalized care from the doctor they know and trust, while physicians—who are often stretched to the breaking point—get to practice a more satisfying, old-school style of medicine for a portion of their day, while also relieving the financial pressure on their practice.

Membership benefits include: same-day/next-day appointments that are scheduled for longer so patients never feel rushed; a dedicated concierge coordinator at the office to answer calls and facilitate care; direct after-hours support via Dr. Chiascione’s private cell number; patient advocacy and enhanced coordination with specialists and other health providers; and a comprehensive annual exam with customized screenings for each patient. For patients admitted to the hospital, Dr. Chiascione will visit and stay connected with the physicians providing care.

“My patients are all different, and have varying healthcare needs,” says Dr. Chiascione. “This program allows them to have greater control of the service and support they receive. It’s a great option for some patients and I’m quite enthused by the positive response I’ve been receiving.”

For more information on Dr. Chiascione’s Hybrid Choice program, patients can call (877) 888-5590 or email

About Robert Chiascione, MD
Robert Chiascione, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Las Vegas, NV, with over 35 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Ross University, School of Medicine in 1988. His practice, “MountainView Primary Care” is located at 7010 Smoke Ranch Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89128.

About Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP)
Dedicated to providing real options for patients and physicians, Concierge Choice Physicians is the largest private provider of the full range of concierge programs available today—Hybrid and FullFlex. The company provides innovative, flexible and affordable models proven to work in medical practices of any size—from solo physicians to large medical practice corporations—both independent and affiliated with hospitals or health systems. Headquartered in Rockville Centre, NY, the company has worked with more than 500 physicians in 29 states. For more information, please visit



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