Special Edition: A Good Friday Podcast Message and Prayer FOR Doctors (Podcast)

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“Five words from my Doctor carry a lot of weight. We need to as Patients, pray FOR our Doctors, FOR their Nurses … because that’s one prescription in all of our medicine cabinets that can help treat this cancer called Physician burnout.” ~Editor, Concierge Medicine Today

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today, Host, the DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

While our discussion today isn’t necessarily a message about the events of Easter, the events of Easter are still relevant today than ever because on this week, something happened FOR the world. There was a mark left on this world that many believe happened 2,000 years ago.

My guest is Dr. Bailey. A Concierge Medicine Physician and a man of faith. Dr. Bailey has spent the past 45 years in the medical field and has seen the role of family medicine diminish significantly, to the detriment of the patients and their health. This conversation helps reframe, focus and center Physicians’ today around what’s important in their lives. We’ll talk about family, practicing medicine in a more personal way, faith and even have a moment of prayer just FOR you, FOR Doctors.


I think this message from Dr. Bailey from the archive of Concierge Medicine Today’s podcast vault is relevant FOR Doctors because you love people who are difficult to love every day. You talk to, treat with compassion and kindness people who are nothing like you and who may never like you back. You give them hope for the future. If you’re a person of faith, on this week, you and I have enter a story that makes no sense to this world. Yet, there’s evidence that we have stepped into a Kingdom that has a King who chose to give his life and who is worthy of his name.

We hope you find this message, this moment and the prayer FOR Doctors timely and relevant to your own career and journey into patient care. We certainly all need to pray and better support the Doctors, Nurses, PAs and the like better in our world. And what better message is there than the events of Easter that changed the world 2,000 years ago.


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