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What can traditional providers do in an increasingly competitive market? (Advisory Board)

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By Daily Briefing, Advisory Board

February 21, 2023

As retail disruption continues in the healthcare industry, AHA encourages healthcare organizations to ask four questions:

  1. Do we have an omnichannel presence that provides the convenience, access, transparency, pricing and other information and services that patients want?
  2. Are there partnership opportunities with any of the Big 5 companies transforming primary care?
  3. How can we leverage our strength in established trust and rapport with existing patients to use our outpatient, clinic and virtual services for routine and nonemergent care?
  4. How can we partner with big tech firms around research, data sharing, etc., to improve care?

Overall, “[h]ealthcare organizations can’t continue with a business-as-usual approach,” HealthLeaders writes. “Consumers are more in control of their healthcare expenses and decisions, and they have the ability to shop around. Likewise, payers and self-insured businesses are looking for better ways to deliver and track healthcare, with the goal of cutting out the tremendous amount of waste that the industry has been supporting for years.”



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