Brell Health Unveils Groundbreaking Results Experience Platform for Medical Specialty Practices

In an industry-first, Brell Health launches its radiology-centric digital platform to address the surging demand for patient-centered care in longevity, expert opinion, and concierge care, accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Brell Health brings a human touch to radiology reports, adding a face and a personality that makes the reports more understandable and relatable for patients.

Brell’s all-in-one platform is set to redefine patient care by facilitating the communication of clinical and AI-generated specialist results with patients through the following easy-to-use features:

  • Personalized Radiology Reports: By integrating features such as a) live one-on-one specialist virtual consultation with a seamlessly integrated image-viewer and b) recorded video of anatomy and image findings for asynchronous communication, Brell allows radiologists to offer engagement that delights referring physicians and patients.
  • Integrated AI for Emphatic Reporting: Brell enables imaging centers and specialist practices to offer emerging 3rd-party AI products to their patients. The first integrated product is Brell’s own radiology report medical dictionary that explains key medical terminology with descriptions and relevant images to contextualize results for patients.

Radiology providers face continued pressure from decreasing reimbursements, higher study volumes and increasing competition across the market. Since the 90s, the virtualization of radiology has disconnected providers from patients, with over 75% of patients reporting having questions after their imaging encounter. Today’s modern radiology patient is highly informed about their healthcare journey and increasingly seeks meaningful engagement from beyond their family physician.

“We are addressing a critical gap in the radiology workflow, for both patients and specialists, by facilitating access to meaningful engagement that is scalable and revenue-generating,” stated Ramin Sahebjavaher, CEO of Brell Health. Dr. Jason Itri, a highly-cited US-board certified radiologist based in Virginia who uses Brell’s platform to offer second opinions on radiology, further reports that, “Brell is an incredible platform that allows patients to get more value from their imaging exam by being able to speak one-on-one with an experienced radiologist who can help them understand the importance of their findings and ensure that no relevant findings were missed or misinterpreted by the original interpreting radiologist.”

The Brell Health Platform is HIPAA-compliant and entirely web-based, running on a standard internet browser on any operating system. The platform can be implemented in minutes, with optional direct integration to provider PACS, RIS, and EMR systems.

Are you a radiology or healthcare provider? Work with Brell to supercharge your patient experience and generate new revenue.

About Brell Health

Brell Health is a Vancouver-based medical software company founded in 2022 by Dr. Ramin Sahebjavaher, a serial entrepreneur and technology executive formerly at Prenuvo. The company works closely with radiology providers in the United States and Canada. For more information or inquiries related to sales or marketing, please contact

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