Book Writing FOR Doctors — How to get started and stay motivated.

Doctors are never short on ideas but usually are always short on time. In this course we’ll unpack 7 simple steps Doctors can use to get started down the path of writing their own book, becoming an author, marketing the characters and finally answering that one question that’s been bugging them for years!

In this course we want to help prepare you for the journey ahead. What’s expected of you personally, professionally, schedule-wise, time-wise, etc. We want to share with you in this 100% Virtual Course #FORDoctors, some proven, easy and simple steps we’ve learned by interview Physician-Authors over the past 20+ years and help you “start” writing your own book!

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  • We believe that there’s a book “inside” a lot of Doctors heads. The hardest part can be just putting your “But …” where your heart and mind need to be.

  • We don’t have all the answers but what we know, we want to share.

  • We want to share with you in this 100% Virtual Course #FORDoctors, some proven, easy and simple steps to help you “start” writing your own book!

  • Additionally, we’ve added exclusive interviews with Physician-Authors who have taken these ideas and authored their own book(s), novel or articles.

Every Doctor should write a book! Why? Because five words from you carry a lot of weight!

About Your Course Instructor

Your course instructor is an author of over a dozen books dedicated to customer service, patient relations and a regularly featured media contributor for dozens of healthcare publications (see below).

Your host and course instructor, Michael Tetreault, is an author, speaker, husband, father & brand strategist in healthcare. He’s a trusted voice for Doctors & healthcare providers, he’s the Editor-in-Chief of the industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today. He coauthored the best-selling book, The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine. Host of the weekly “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast,” he interviews Physicians & DocPreneurs. His work & expertise is referenced by multiple academic medical centers, medical colleges, textbooks & peer-reviewed medical journals. One Physician described Michael as, “… the reason Concierge Medicine is growing & thriving in this country. His leadership & skill inspire us all.”

Michael was recently named among the “Top 16 Experts in Healthcare Best Practices & Innovation Insights” by HealthCare Consumerism Outlook Magazine. His weekly “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” received ‘Best Genomics Podcast 2021’ & is among the top 10 most influential ‘Healthcare Leadership Podcasts.’ He received a Governor’s Commendation for his achievements in Concierge Medicine Edu. & is considered one of the world’s leading Concierge Medicine & DPC experts.

Michael is a longtime an advocate #FORDOCTORs, conducting rigorous analysis & market research to understand patient behavior. He uses those insights to develop strategies that raise brand awareness, drive growth & improve TOMA. Michael’s books have been featured in Times Square on Thanksgiving Day (Photo: Right/Credit: Concierge Medicine Today, LLC.)

Michael also hosts the industry’s annual medical edu. conference, CMF, where a plethora of speakers & best-in-class edu, CMEs is given to Concierge Physicians.

This course can’t tell you precisely how to author your own book. That takes a lot of time, toil, and did we mention time?

We don’t have all the answers but what we know, we want to share with any Doctor who believes they have a book inside of them. We believe that there’s a book “inside” a lot of Doctors. The hardest part however can be “starting.”

Additionally, we’ve added exclusive interviews with Physician-Authors who have taken these ideas and authored their own book(s), novel or articles.

You’ll be surprised at just how simple these ideas are to apply and get started. We know for a fact that successful Physician-Authors are not short on great ideas. We hope you’ll enjoy this course as much as your colleagues did participating in it!

It was Harry S. Truman who said, “Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers”.

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