Online Course: Understanding Medical Practice Valuation

How to prepare, price & sell your medical practice + the multiple valuation models experts use & why.

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In this four-part online, hosted by the Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), CMT brings you an on-demand course designed specifically FOR Doctors who are considering selling their practice, retiring, wondering what their practice is worth after all these years or just downright curious about what you may need to do to prepare your practice for sale, we’ve got three great presenters/instructors who will share with you what they know to help Doctors, like you, plan, project, prepare and get the most value out of your practice after all these years. 


  • A professionally prepared business valuation report is more than just a number.

  • Learn how to determine what a medical practice is worth

  • What are asset-based approaches?

  • What is the market value valuation method?

  • Learn about earning value approaches

  • Take this Master Class if you … you need to sell the business due to retirement, health, divorce, or for family reasons.

  • You may be adding shareholders (or one or more shareholders may ask for a buyout). In this case, the share value will need to be determined.

  • Introduction to Understanding Practice Valuation Models When Selling Your Practice

  • Understanding Taxes, Income and How Physicians Can Negotiate & Learn How & Why Your Metrics Are Worth “X” (For Doctors, Sellers & Buyers)

  • Exclusive Interview with a CPA, CFP Explaining Practice Valuation Models For Doctors

You’ll leave encouraged, inspired, informed and more importantly, educated about topics such as: 

  • PART 1 🎙️ ▷ (On-Demand, Video Webinar) 
    Introduction to Understanding Practice Valuation Models When Selling Your Practice

  • PART 2 🎙️ ▷ (On-Demand, Video Webinar) 
    Taxes, Income and How Physicians Can Negotiate & Learn How & Why Your Metrics Are Worth “X” (For Doctors, Sellers & Buyers)

  • PART 3 🎧 (On-Demand, Podcast, Audio)
    Exclusive Interview with a Business Lawyer and Estate Planning Attorney

  • PART 4 🎙️ ▷ (On-Demand, Video Webinar) 
    The Importance of Educating and Protecting Healthcare Providers in Commercial Real Estate (Updated, April 2023!)

Your Presenters/Guests/Instructors

  • A CFP®, AIF® 

  • A Business Lawyer and Estate Planning Attorney 

  • A Founder and CEO of a commercial real estate firm and expert who has successfully completed over a thousand commercial real estate transactions while saving his clients hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Your Course Host

  • Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of the national trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today and Host of the Concierge Medicine Forum. 

  • Michael is an author, speaker, husband, father & brand strategist. A trusted voice for Doctors & healthcare providers, he’s the Editor-in-Chief of the industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today. He coauthored the best-selling book, The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine. Host of the weekly “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast,” he interviews Physicians & DocPreneurs. His work & expertise is referenced by multiple academic medical centers, medical colleges, textbooks & peer-reviewed medical journals. One Physician described Michael as, “… the reason Concierge Medicine is growing & thriving in this country. His leadership & skill inspire us all.”

    Michael was recently named among the “Top 16 Experts in Healthcare Best Practices & Innovation Insights” by HealthCare Consumerism Outlook Magazine. His weekly “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” received ‘Best Genomics Podcast 2021’ & is among the top 10 most influential ‘Healthcare Leadership Podcasts.’ He received a Governor’s Commendation for his achievements in Concierge Medicine Edu. & is considered one of the world’s leading Concierge Medicine & DPC experts. He is an advocate #FORDOCTORs, conducting rigorous analysis & market research to understand patient behavior. He uses those insights to develop strategies that raise brand awareness, drive growth & improve TOMA. Featured in Times Square on Thanksgiving Day, he also hosts the industry’s annual medical edu. conference, CMF, where a plethora of speakers & best-in-class edu, CMEs is given to Concierge & DPC Physicians.

DISCLAIMER: This site (eg Content) does not constitute medical or legal advice | An Interview/Story Is Not An Endorsement. If You Have Any Questions About These Physicians, Their Services, Etc., Please Contact The Doctor Or Doctor’s Office Directly. The Editors, Publisher, Distributors, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., Its Related, Affiliated Or Subsidiary Companies, Stress That Since The Details Of An Individual’s Personal Health Situation Are Fact-Dependent, In No Event Shall Any Of Our Representatives Or Affiliated Companies Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Special, Incidental Or Consequential Damages Or Financial Costs Arising Out Of The Use Of Any Of The Physicians On This List. Additionally, To The Extent Permitted Under Applicable Law, In No Event Shall Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., Or Its Employees, Contracted Suppliers, Representatives, Editors, Publishers, And/Or Licensors Be Liable For Any Damages (Including, Without Limitation, Consequential, Special, Incidental, Indirect, Or Similar Damages, Personal Injury (Including Death), Loss Of Profits, Corruption Or Loss Of Data, Business Interruption Or Any Other Commercial Damages Or Losses) Arising Out Of Or In Connection With The Use Or Performance Of The Services, The Physicians Or The Content Or Submissions, Even If Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damages. Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., Does Not Claim Ownership, Endorse Or Take Responsibility For Any Physician(S), Third-Party Products, Information, Guidelines, Materials Or Services That May Be Offered, Advertised, Provided Or Displayed On The Service Or Incorporated In The Content Or Any Submission Contained On, Accessible From Or Distributed Through The Services And/Or On Our Web Site(s). 

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