Ep 505. “Let intelligent assistants help your medical practice remove repetitive tasks from your team & allow them to focus …”

“Let intelligent assistants help your medical practice remove repetitive tasks from your team & allow them to focus …”~PRSONAS

Meet Chuck Rinker
CEO at PRSONAS (https://www.prsonas.com/)

Wake Forest, NC
Human AI

“I am simply an ‘Imagineer without the ears!’ I have spent my entire professional and personal life stimulating both sides of my brain, where I have pursued advanced degrees and career positions that exploit my self-proclaimed mastering of both artistic expression and technical know-how. My professional career has taken me from developing black-ops military tech and NASA/space-borne avionics through gaming, including directing the NCAA / Madden series of games for EA Sports. This lead to the creation of nuMedia Innovations and the patented technologies behind it. Our premier offering is the PRSONAS™ Digital Personality Engine bringing human engagement to self-service solutions for airports, hospitals, and commercial markets.


Digital Humans vs. Digital Personalities
Human Engagement
Human AI

“My educational background spans degrees and post-graduate education in electrical engineering, computer science, multimedia technologies, advanced 3D animation, and digital audio. My professional experiences have only been trumped by the pure luck I enjoy having a wonderful wife of 30 years and two incredibly talented and respectful daughters. I also indulge other passions as a general aviation pilot, a devoted fan of Walt Disney’s genius, attempting to find time to enjoy the 7 musical instruments I play. Most of all, enjoying the arts, dance, and theater with an appreciation that only living with three ladies in my life have brought out in me. My only goal is to keep doing what I’m doing in all aspects of my life with only two changes: ‘Do it bigger” and “Do it better!'”

LEARN MORE … https://www.prsonas.com/

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