Happy #VeteransDay! 🇺🇸 Podcast, Meet “America’s Favorite Doctor,” Dr. Laura Purdy, MD

Happy #VeteransDay! 🇺🇸

On this episode of The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast at Concierge Medicine Today, we sat down with Dr. Laura Purdy … goes beyond the exam room, beyond leadership and into the living rooms of Patients. But what is it? Dr. Laura Purdy is here this week to share how Physician-leaders, DocPreneurs and others can create a deep sense of community with their Patient through telehealth.

“Together, let’s challenge the status quo, rethink traditional practices, and create a future where compassionate and exceptional care is the norm.” ~Dr. LAURA PURDY, MD, MBA


Photo Credit: Laura Purdy, MD, MBA, ‘America’s Favorite Doctor’ (AFD), Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director/Co-Founder of AFD
Photo Credit: Laura Purdy, MD, MBA, ‘America’s Favorite Doctor’ (AFD), Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director/Co-Founder of AFD

By Concierge Medicine Today, Editor & Dr. Laura Purdy, America’s Favorite Doctor, Physician Executive, Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Health Evangelist, Veteran

Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, MBA, (AFD) “America’s Favorite Doctor,” is a renowned Family Medicine Physician and trailblazer in the field of digital healthcare. Her pioneering efforts have propelled the era of “concierge medicine,” with plans underway for the grand opening of her AFD medical spa in September 2023. Leading the charge, she manages a panel of over 25,000 patients nationwide while advising hundreds of telehealth startups on the cutting edge of virtual wellness. With widespread acclaim and features in esteemed media outlets, she is a trusted authority and sought-after thought leader. Driven by an unwavering commitment to improving lives, Dr. Purdy shapes the future of telehealth as a Medical Director, advisor, and co-founder for leading telehealth providers.

For more information follow @AmericasFavoriteDoctor and visit DrLauraPurdy.com.

Dr. Purdy, a pioneer of concierge medicine and a leading expert in telehealth, opens the doors to cutting edge of virtual wellness. Learn how telehealth solutions can enable better care for patients and provide practitioners with a higher quality of life, all while embracing advanced technological solutions.

Transforming the Healthcare System: Driven by her passion for a more modernized healthcare system, Dr. Purdy aims to address the current challenges faced by patients and providers alike. Discover how asects like long wait times, limited facetime with physicians,
lack of cost transparency, and difficulty accessing quality care can be overcome through service-based, human-centered methods.

Building a Network of Compassionate Care Providers: As the Medical Director of the AFD brand, Dr. Purdy is actively building a network of doctors, nurses, and other professionals who embody the ethos of compassionate, evolved care.

Collaborating for Innovation and Impact: Explore the exciting collaborations facilitated by AFD in advancing the era of telehealth and digital medicine. Dr. Purdy will share examples of partnerships with innovators in high-impact specialty areas such as breast health, as well as supporting startups working towards a more promising future of ethical and socially conscious healthcare.


The latest list of 2023 Speakers ... CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR OCTOBER 2023 CONFERENCE #fordoctors #conciergemedicineforum #conciergemedicine #conciergemedicineconference #learning | Photo Credit/Source: Staff, Concierge Medicine Today | Healthcare Industry Trade Publication
The latest list of 2023 Speakers … CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR OCTOBER 2023 CONFERENCE #fordoctors #conciergemedicineforum #conciergemedicine #conciergemedicineconference #learning | Photo Credit/Source: Staff, Concierge Medicine Today | Healthcare Industry Trade Publication

Meet Friday Afternoon, Oct. 19 – 2023 Concierge Medicine Forum (Atlanta, GA USA) Keynote/General Session, Dr. Laura Purdy

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