Podcast: “How often do you need to update and freshen up your space?”

Listen to this Episode. Photo Credit/Source: CrossFields Interiors and Architecture; Carolyn Boldt, VP/Director of Design.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today/Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Today our special guest is Carolyn Boldt, VP/Director of Design at CrossFields Interiors and Architecture. In 2004, Carolyn and her husband co-founded CrossFields as a design-build firm in Atlanta, and in 2011 they changed their focus to improving the public’s perception of alternative medicine, and highlighting the power of holistic healthcare. CrossFields has helped hundreds of practitioners across the country expand their practices and reach higher levels of success by maximizing space, attracting and retaining patients, and saving money.

Carolyn’s love for design comes from her understanding that people’s productivity and attitudes are significantly impacted by their surroundings. This drive started in her early teens when she had the unique opportunity to work with her father, an engineer at NASA, on the early preliminary design of the US space station. With this as the fuel, she received her Bachelor’s with Honors in Interior Design at the University of Texas in 1980.

Through her unique career path, Carolyn has gained complete understanding of every aspect of the commercial interior built industry. Her experience includes turnkey interior architectural design, creative impact statements for retail, hospitality and corporate, graphic identity packages, facility standards and master plans, as well as complete facility start-ups and relocation management, and green sustainable design. She is a professional member of IIDA, NCIDQ, a Registered Interior Designer and LEED AP.

Topics Discussed In This Podcast Include:

  • The ROI of updating and investing in your office design
  • How owning vs leasing your space will guide your decision making
  • The role of design in team efficiency and client retention
  • How the design of your office impacts your success
Visit Crossfields’ web site to learn more. Photo Credit/Source: CrossFields Interiors and Architecture; Carolyn Boldt, VP/Director of Design.

Questions We Address In This Podcast Include:

  • Why is your office your biggest marketing expense?
  • Is my office environment impacting my success?
  • How often do you need to update and freshen up your space?
  • What five things should you look for when evaluating your office space?

Scott & Carolyn’s passion for the holistic approach of Chiropractic came from their personal experience with the healing of their daughter. At just two years of age, the pediatrician’s advice was to have tonsils removed due to chronic tonsillitis. Fortunately, instead they found Chiropractic and over 25+ years later their daughter is vitally healthy and still has her tonsils!

Carolyn is personally passionate about holistic health and wellness, and an outspoken advocate that the environment of your space impacts your success. With over 40 years of experience in the commercial interior industry, she holds a BS in Interior Architectural Design from University of Texas at Austin, is NCIDQ Certified, a Registered Designer, a LEED AP, and Professional Member of IIDA/International Interior Design Association. Carolyn loves to spend her time with her 8 wonderful grandchildren, involvement in church and community activities, traveling, and boating on the lake with her husband.



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