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EXCLUSIVE | Ep. 41 (NEW) DocPreneur Podcast: “Harnessing Medical Wisdom of Online Crowds to Solve Difficult Cases”

Emerging Trends In the Delivery of Medicine | Technology Ep. 41: Emerging Trend … (ALL-NEW) Harnessing the Medical Wisdom of Crowds to Solve Difficult Medical Cases Quickly & Accurately Online. Online Medical Diagnosis & Differential Diagnosis A Conversation with CrowdMed CEO and Founder, Jared Heyman By empowering both […]

EP. 204 | DocPreneur Podcast | Employed Vs. Independent Doctors: Which Path Is Right For You? Exclusive with Marni Jameson Carey, MA, of

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | Concierge Medicine Today, The DPC Journal, The DocPreneur Institute A national nonprofit, the Association of Independent Doctors (A.I.D.) works on behalf of physicians, patients and employers to raise awareness and represent the interests of independent physicians. A.I.D. is working to educate patients, insurance […]