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TELE-MEDICINE: AliveCor launches smartphone-enabled heart monitor, analysis services direct-to-consumer

By: Brian Dolan | Feb 11, 2014 San Francisco-based AliveCor announced that the FDA has granted its smartphone-enabled, single-channel ECG (electrocardiogram) recorder device over-the-counter (OTC) clearance. The company is now taking direct-to-consumer preorders for the device at a $199 pricepoint. It expects to begin shipping them in early […]

Concierge Medicine Gets Obamacare Boost — ‘Concierge medicine has stepped down from its aristocratic pedestal and become a more affordable way for patients to receive treatment …’

By Leigh Held January 16, 2014 | NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The Affordable Care Act began its ripple effect two weeks ago, and health insurance shoppers are quietly adjusting to their new benefits. Yet one unexpected side effect has been the boost to concierge care, typically thought of […]

OP/ED: ‘It’s all making me rather nostalgic for the good old days of 2012–when I naively assumed doctors took the Hippocratic oath seriously. That oath ends, “May I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.”‘

My Doctor, the Concierge Forget the Hippocratic oath–welcome to a world of Gold and Platinum patients By MERRILL MARKOE Thursday, Feb. 06, 2014 – It’s not like I’ve never been dumped before. Still, I was ill prepared to be dumped by my GP. For 12 years I thought […]

STARTUP: Six Traits Great Concierge Medicine and Direct-Pay Doctors Share and advice from your peers.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief Do You Have What It Takes? [Last Updated: April 13, 2014] – The editor’s at Concierge Medicine Today (, asked some of the industry’s leading physicians and business owners, ‘what are the traits of a concierge doctor [or direct-pay] physician business owner?’ From the […]

AAPP 2014 Spring Summit Agenda

AAPP Spring Summit on Private Medicine February 21-22nd 2014 The Hotel Monteleone – New Orleans, LA DAY 1: Early Registration Thursday Evening 2/20 from 6pm – 7pm Friday, February 21st kick off – General Session 8am – 9am – Registration & Expo Hour 9:00 – 9:15 – AAPP […]