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Florida Doctor removes confusion from hospital: Dr. Kordonowy is offering three tiers of service, ranging from flat $1,750 annual fees for the service to lesser ones that charge hourly rates of $325 and $375.

By Frank Gluck MARCH 24, 2014 – Hospitals can be overwhelming and confusing places for patients. So much so, one area physician believes his plan to offer hospital “advocacy” services on their behalf — for a fee — could be in big demand. Dr. Ray Kordonowy, a Fort […]

The Pluses and Minuses of Concierge Medicine: ‘About 2% of urologists and 1% of nephrologists practice this way. But for physicians working in that environment, the changes they make are far from insignificant.’

By Tammy Wort, Renal & Neurology News March 20, 2014 — Urologist Marc Richman, MD, said he and his former colleagues used to joke with each other about the need to speed patients through visits. If a physician was in an exam room with a patient for longer […]