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Private Medicine Decreasing Hospitalizations

… Through prevention rather than just treatment alone, concierge medicine will hopefully keep patients out of hospitals and emergency rooms and keep healthcare costs down. Prevention of diseases and chronic illness would garner significant savings, as the relatively small number of patients who are already sick with chronic […]

Health IT Gadgets Great, But Concierge Medicine about Personal Touch

December 27, 2012 | Health IT, Practice Models, Patient Relations Growing health IT innovations may put more space between physician and patient, a stark contrast to concierge medicine, which strives for a closer relationship. READ FULL STORY … Source:

New Book Explores The Popularity and Challenges of Marketing and Growing A Concierge Medicine Practice

ATLANTA, GA [December 22, 2012] – Concierge Medicine Today announced the release of a new book about the controversial and growing free-market medicine business model called Branding Concierge Medicine. The book is authored by Concierge Medicine Today’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael Tetreault.  In this new book, Tetreault explores the popularity of […]

Why Do Patients “Choose” Concierge Medical Care Over Traditional Business Models?

Source: Concierge Medicine Today and The Concierge Medicine Research Collective © 2012 WHEN PATIENTS of CONCIERGE MEDICAL CARE WERE ASKED TO WEIGH-IN ON WHY THEY CHOOSE CONCIERGE MEDICAL CARE, THEY SAID… •      34% said price was the main reason they chose concierge medical care •      17% said Medicare acceptance/participation was […]