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Making a life plan based on your DNA

Ten years ago, geneticists would look only at one or two genes and test for individual diseases. Now, with Next Generation Sequencing, a more rapid, cost-effective approach to genome sequencing, experts can obtain data on thousands of genes with a single test. By Barbara Sadick, Chicago Tribune JUNE […]

Concierge Medicine: Is It Worth It?

By Erin Havel, Huffington Post MARCH 25, 2015 – Growing up, my entire family went to one local family physician. That doctor gave my mom medical care when she was pregnant, delivered me when I was born, gave school shots, wrote prescriptions for any virus that came up, […]

EDITOR: “You have to define what “exceptional” means … You want patients to come back in the following days for another round of offending. Present the truth of medicine in uncompromising terms, rally hard against couch potatoes, and tackle the most emotionally charged topics in their lives, while providing an “environment” where people feel cared for.”

“Gain some customer service experience– try a service industry job as these skills are not taught in med school. Moving into Concierge Medicine is not solely about providing excellent medical care without the restraints of insurance industry mandates. You have to also appreciate the lost art of customer […]