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TEXAS (Univision): Dr. Pinckney says, “ask your doctor about cardiovascular inflammatory testing, carotid intima media thickness scans, calcium coronary scores, and advanced cholesterol testing …”

Healthy Heart: Be Aware, and Take Care Rachel Sokol publicado: feb 26, 2016 12:05 PM | UNIVISION Since you love with all your heart, you should do your best to protect it. Which is easier said than done, of course… February is Heart Health Month, but honestly—and I’m […]

NPR on DPC: Qliance has a contract with Centene, an insurance company in the state’s Medicaid program. “Experiments underway to include Medicaid and Medicare patients in DPC … could help mitigate concerns about affordability,” Berenson says.

Would Paying Your Doctor Cash Up Front Get You Better Care? Updated January 13, 20169:59 AM ET By Shefali Luthra, NPR JANUARY 13, 2016 – A growing number of primary care doctors, spurred by frustration with insurance requirements, are bringing “health care for billionaires” to the masses, including […]

New MDVIP Study Reveals Personalized Preventive Care Yields Decreased Costs And Better Health Management

The study evaluated the impact of delivering individualized care focused on lifestyle behavior modification and disease prevention on quality-related metrics. Boca Raton, FL (February 24, 2016) – A new study in Population Health Management from MDVIP (MD-Value In Prevention) highlights how a primary care model based on personalized […]

POP. HEALTH STUDY: “Concierge Medicine Takes 3 Years to Show Return on Investment … By year 3, Members who were more likely to achieve savings had no distinguishing age or chronic condition characteristics, an indication that savings were generated from prevention rather than chronic condition management.”

Concierge medicine programs may take up to three years to show ROI, a common break-even point for population health management strategies. By Jennifer Bresnick on February 25, 2016 There is ample industry evidence to show that a comprehensive population health management program can significantly lower healthcare costs, improve […]

SPECIALTY CONCIERGE CARE: “Oncology, ear, nose and throat and orthopedics are others where the model may not work. Non invasive cardiology, hematology, rheumatology, endocrinology and gastroenterology have potential…”

By Tony Zerucha JANUARY 30, 2016 – When we at Bankless Times address the topic of gargantuan organizations watering down the quality of customer service, we usually mean the big banks, but it is of course happening in other sectors too. One of those is health care. Since […]