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I’ve been using a concierge doctor service — and I’ll never see a ‘normal’ doctor again.

By Melia Robinson JANUARY 28, 2016 – Going to the doctor’s office can be a logistical nightmare. A physician’s busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to stop in when you’re feeling worst.When you do finally get there, you wait in a fluorescent-lit, white-walled room among screaming babies and sneezing patients for what seems like an […]

INTERNATIONAL and U.S. News: “Valiant Clinic [in Dubai] will also provide Concierge Medicine services and the option to consult a personal wellness counsellor.” Operated by US-based Houston Methodist Global Health Care

Dubai’s Meraas launches clinic at City Walk as part of new healthcare unit The new clinic will be operated by US-based Houston Methodist Global Health Care Services By Aarti Nagraj | Health | Published: 21st January 2016 at 13:27 Dubai developer Meraas has announced the launch of a […]