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EVENT, Apr 6-7: “Hack the Genome” — Hosted by Microsoft and

Hack the Genome A Hackathon for Personalized Health & Wellness Apps RELATED STORY New Partnership Between Concierge Medicine Today and Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Solutions For Transforming Genetic Data Into Meaningful Information With Concierge Physicians & Puts Concierge Medicine At The Forefront Of The Personal Genomics Revolution. On April […]

OFFICIAL POSITION, STATEMENT: Use and Application of Pharmacogenomics Inside Concierge Medicine

 Concierge Medicine Today supports Concierge Medicine Doctors in working with pharmacists and pharmacogenomic companies to develop clinical decision support tools that will assist and guide prescribers in the use of pharmacogenomic information. Concierge Medicine Today further supports them in preparing and distributing materials for patient education and beginning […]

GENETICS, CNBC (VIDEO): Through a combination of technological developments such as DNA editing and personal responsibility like getting flu shots or sitting for shorter periods of time, humans can live longer, more productive lives, he said.

Top cancer doctor: Do these things to live longer Matthew J. Belvedere | @Matt_Belvedere Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016 | 12:42 PM ET While medical advances that seem like science fiction are helping people live longer lives, don’t forget about the little things that you can do on daily […]