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Health Affairs: “The ability to scale solutions to large populations across multiple national geographies provides a strong patient base, but this growth requires significant capital financing.”

The Innovative Potential Of Venture-Backed Primary Care Jordan Anderson, Brian Powers, and Sachin Jain May 16, 2016 – There is an urgent need for innovation in primary care delivery — inadequate access for patients, poor care coordination, and a broken reimbursement system are well-documented challenges facing the field. […]

Advisory Board: “How to determine staffing needs for direct-to-consumer telehealth” (INFOGRAPHIC)

Infographic | May 24, 2016 | By Rivka Friedman, Practice Manager, Advisory Board, 2016 Direct-to-consumer (DTC) telehealth has the potential to remedy the two access challenges that medical groups face: clinician capacity and coverage (extended hours and geographic reach). However, the success of a DTC telehealth program—and its […]