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LEGAL: ‘Not only are there systemic benefits and the opportunity for better care for patients with direct primary care, but there is also the chance to make medicine a rewarding and enticing profession again.’ ~FBO, June 2015

Is Direct Primary Care the Future? By Robert Baror, Federal Bar Assoc. JUNE 2015 – What should we be telling our clients about direct primary care practices? What do they need to know about the legal consequences of switching to direct primary care? And, what do we need […]

LEGAL: Concierge Medicine, Tension Between Physician Autonomy and the Ethical Obligation to Provide Indigent Care

By Kristi L. Tonn, J.D., LL.M. candidate (Health Law) Health Law and Perspectives. University of Houston Law Center Introduction Primary care physicians and patients alike are becoming increasin gly unhappy with the way primary care is currently being delivered. Physicians often see in excess of 2,000 patients […]