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PARTNERMD | Direct Mail, Print and Postal | The Takeaway– A higher standard of care and service requires a careful plan to educate a skeptical target audience, and get them to convert.

PartnerMD Promotes Convenient Concierge Service With Direct Mail By Paul Bobnak June 13, 2017 A concierge healthcare practice reaches out with direct mail to prospective patients. For 20 years, this alternative to the traditional medical practice has been growing slowly across the country. The concept of personalized medicine […]

FOX | TECH | HEALTHCARE | GENETICS | Human Longevity exec. chairman: Key for the future is preventative medicine

Top Geneticist Working on How to Cheat Death RELATED STORY New Partnership Between Concierge Medicine Today and Provides First-Of-Its-Kind Solutions For Transforming Genetic Data Into Meaningful Information With Concierge Physicians & Puts Concierge Medicine At The Forefront Of The Personal Genomics Revolution. By Julia Limitone Published May […]

Ep. 53 | DocPreneur PODCAST “Meet Chrissy Larsen, Digital Health & Wellness Tech Visionary and Founder/CEO at Why The Health Not?”

Meet Chrissy Larsen (Founder/CEO at Why The Health Not?™) | Digital Health & Wellness Tech Visionary LISTEN TO FULL INTERVIEW HERE … The DocPreneur Podcast, Duration: 22:55 Why The Health Not?™ wants to be your health tracking analytics solution. Through digital health applications, smart technology, data science, and […]