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BioIQ, Making healthcare more convenient by offering healthcare services at thousands of retail locations across the country

BioIQ, a Healthcare Technology Firm, Relocates Headquarters to Atlanta Brings 500 New Tech Jobs and more than $5 Million in Investment ATLANTA, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Formerly based in Santa Barbara, California, BioIQ is now headquartered in Atlanta’s Cobb Country, according to the company’s CEO Justin Bellante. “We see […]

Healthcare, Microsoft, WBA | Two big names are putting their heads together in a partnership aimed at innovating and improving health care.

Walgreens Boots Alliance and Microsoft establish strategic partnership to transform health care delivery — Microsoft, Walgreens to Leverage AI for Retail-Style Healthcare January 15 2019 Companies aim to improve health outcomes and lower overall costs with enhanced digital and retail experiences and an R&D commitment to build health care […]

EDITOR: The Healthy Habits and Hobbies of Great Doctors Every Patient Wants to Know — A Dive into the New Research Behind “Social Prescribing”

“I’ve had the amazing opportunity over many years now to meet hundreds of talented Doctors that are urban farmers, fantastic cooks, authors of their own self-help books, super-Moms, competitive bass angler or fisherman, avid hikers, pilots, great fathers, beginner tennis players and even competitive, world-class tennis players who […]

Tech, A.I. and Your Patient | A new wave of chatbots are replacing physicians and providing frontline medical advice—but are they as good as the real thing?

The idea is to make seeking advice about a medical condition as simple as Googling your symptoms, but with many more benefits. Unlike self-diagnosis online, these apps lead you through a clinical-grade triage process—they’ll tell you if your symptoms need urgent attention or if you can treat yourself […]

Apple CEO, Apple’s growing interest in health care … saying that in the future when people ask what Apple’s “greatest contribution to mankind was,” in healthcare.

Apple first announced the CareKit in 2016. Since then, large providers have jumped onboard to use the technology, including the Mayo Clinic.  By Laura Lovett | “CareKit apps today allow patients to share their data in PDF form via our Share Reports option on the Connect View,” Kelsey Dedoshka, a software […]