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COLORADO | ANALYSIS | UCC Utilization Spot Analysis: Free Standing Emergency Departments July 2016 | CIVHC

How Coloradans are using these new facilities and the potential cost implications JULY 2016 – Free Standing Emergency Departments (FSED) are designed to provide similar levels of emergency care as their hospital-based ED counterparts. i Consistent with national trends, Colorado’s FSEDs are primarily located in affluent suburban areas […]

INTERVIEWS: Concierge Medicine and Dizziness, Interview and Study with Michael Mignoli, MD

By Specialdocs Consultants FEBRUARY 9, 2017 – Michael Mignoli, MD, was recently interviewed by two publications — Lone Tree Voice and Colorado Health & Wellness — to provide insights on dizziness and explain why he transitioned to a concierge medical practice. Read the article published by Colorado Health & Wellness titled, “Dizzy?” […]