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White Paper COMBO — Two (2) WHITE PAPERS + Data: Specialties and Specialized Value-Add-ons Inside The Direct Primary Care (DPC), Membership Medicine and Concierge Medicine Industry

Last Updated: MARCH 9, 2017 – (Note: Click on the IMAGE(s) Below to View Larger Scale Infographic at – Concierge Medicine Today, the independent health care trade publication and released a two-year summary of its analysis on the popularity and growth of the specialty concierge medicine and […]

Ep. 49 | DocPreneur Podcast: Post Election and What it means for Free Market — Interview w/ Cypress CEO, Richard Doughty

Duration/Run Time: 55:16 Date: January/February 2017 In this DocPreneur Podcast, Richard discusses what impact the Election and Policy may have on Membership Medicine practice models (i.e. Concierge Medicine; Direct Primary Care; etc.), what it takes to be a successful Physician in a Free Market Economy and more. As […]

EXCLUSIVE | Ep. 41 (NEW) DocPreneur Podcast: “Harnessing Medical Wisdom of Online Crowds to Solve Difficult Cases”

Emerging Trends In the Delivery of Medicine | Technology Ep. 41: Emerging Trend … (ALL-NEW) Harnessing the Medical Wisdom of Crowds to Solve Difficult Medical Cases Quickly & Accurately Online. Online Medical Diagnosis & Differential Diagnosis A Conversation with CrowdMed CEO and Founder, Jared Heyman By empowering both […]