December 7, 2021

CMA Study | Three out of four Canadians (75percent) believe that new technologies could solve existing issues in our healthcare system.

Canadians will have more options for accessing quality care and communicating efficiently with healthcare professionals no matter where they are located.

A.I., telehealth and more were discussed in this “Innovators Panel” at the Concierge Medicine FORUM just a few weeks ago in October, 2018 in Atlanta, GA USA. Concierge Doctors take the Main Stage at the 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta, GA, a three day conference bringing 30+ speakers, Physician faculty, nearly two dozen breakouts, lead-in workshops and more.

Vancouver & London–TELUS Health, a Canadian organization committed to driving healthcare efficiencies and enhanced patient experiences through the use of advanced technology; and Babylon,one of the world’s leading digital health companies, have come together to provide doctors and patients in Canada with access to virtual healthcare technology solutions and services. The partnership aims to support continuity of care by delivering more options to Canadians for accessing quality healthcare and communicating more efficiently with healthcare practitioners from anywhere, at any time.

The service will complement existing healthcare services across the country for people in rural areas or living with mobility issues, those who are unable to access non-emergency healthcare on evenings, weekends or holidays, and for the five million Canadians who do not have a family physician.

A recent study by the Canadian Medical Association, found that three out of four Canadians (75percent) believe that new technologies could solve existing issues in our healthcare system. Further, seven in 10 Canadians would take advantage of virtual physician visits and many believe that it would lead to more timely and convenient care.

“At TELUSHealth, we leverage the power of technology to deliver better health outcomes, empowering Canadians with the right tools, information and support they need to live healthier and happier lives. Our partnership with Babylon,through a globally-leading virtual care solution,will enable people to get access to healthcare anywhere and anytime they need it,” said Juggy Sihota, vice president, TELUS Health.“Together, we are not only helping to improve the options Canadians have for accessing healthcare, but also providing them with a digital tool that makes communicating with healthcare professionals more efficient.”

Both organizations are committed to delivering the most trusted and reliable service to Canadians with all patient data being stored in Canada. Work is also underway to establish an advisory council of medical professionals to provide guidance into the rollout of this innovative service, and Ministries of Health across the country will also be engaged for their input.

Babylon’s suite of digital solutions is currently being used by approximately three million direct members outside of Canada and is accessible to tens of millions more through the organization’s worldwide partnerships. The virtual care technology will be made available to Canadians via aversion of the mobile app developed specifically for Canada. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI),the app will include an easy-to-use,chat-style symptom checker that patients can use to better understand their symptoms or healthcare concerns. This highly intuitive and accurate interface can also be used to have a video consultation with a licensed Canadian healthcare provider.