CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Brian Blank, EMBER Modern Medicine

Today we sat down with Direct Primary Care (DPC) Physician and true “DocPreneur” in our hearts and minds, Dr. Brian Blank. We’ll unpack what 2020 was like, what led Dr. Blank to move into this practice model and lessons learned along the way for others.

Photo Credit/Source: Dr. Brian Ember; Ember Modern Medicine; (C) Concierge Medicine Today, LLC/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast/Academy

By Michael Tetreault, Host/Editor and Dr. Brian Blank

I grew up in the small town of Waterford, PA, delivering newspapers before leaving for the mid-west to study broadcast journalism at the University of Missouri. I then spent the next several years working in cable news in both Atlanta and New York. In New York, I met my wife and father-in-law, a longtime primary care physician at the Cleveland Clinic. After many late-night conversations with him, I decided to switch careers to pursue family medicine. After stops in Boston and Costa Rica, I moved to Chapel Hill, NC, where I completed medical school at UNC. I then did my residency in family medicine down the street at Duke University Hospital.

In 2021, I opened Ember Modern Medicine, a practice I had dreampt about for more than a decade. By eliminating overpriced insurance restrictions, I can spend more time connecting with my patients and focusing on their health and well-being instead of rushing through 7-minute visits checking government boxes.

My wife and I are now blessed with two beautiful daughters. In my free time, I enjoy competing in endurance sports. I’ve run more than a dozen marathons, finished 2nd in a 50-mile ultramarathon, and barely survived an Ironman Triathlon. Lately, I’ve been attending Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. In 2021, I started a running streak, attempting to run at least one mile every single day. When you see me at Ember, ask me how that is going (so we can keep each other accountable)!


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