November 27, 2021

Editor: “Back from Surgery.” — My true story … still ongoing. :)

Editor: “So, I got ‘Evidence’ AND a Second Opinion Before My Surgery.” — WATCH

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

‘Ain’t no way a Concierge Doctor can fix this …’

Literally was the first thing I thought when I filleted the muscle, severed the two digital nerves in my thumb and the blood started gushing from the palm of my hand.

“Honey, get your keys, we gotta go!” I said to my wife.

A few paper towels, thoughts of ‘Did this really just happen?!’ later, we were at the emergency room … filling out forms.

Mind you, I’ve got blood everywhere running down my arm, dried blood on my leg (too much info??? :))

“It’s bleeding so much … just hang on honey,” my loving wife said.

But, for right now, lets hit the pause button there.

I promise I’ll share the rest of my story soon. Lets fast forward to a week or two ago once we discovered I needed hand surgery.

I made this video chronicling our (my wife and I and our Doctors) adventure and misadventures with hospital charge masters, finance departments phone calls, Doctors, surgeon staff, insurance the like. The video below is well, a short excerpt of my own true story of care of working alongside with helpful Concierge Doctors and surgeons that lead my wife and I quickly on a journey of ‘Evidence-finding’ and patient outcome discovery and education that helped us, together as a team, make the right decision before we had surgery.

More on this story and details about insurance, hospital charge masters, specialist care and more coming soon! Meanwhile, here’s a little excerpt from the past few weeks.