Concierge Medicine Today

Eighteen of Our Favorite “Guest-Centric Medicine” Customer Service Interviews!

Dear Doctors, 10 MORE Things I’d tell you over coffee.

Dear DOCTORS, “You can’t sacrifice your practice for one person.”

Dear Doctors, I have a goal of writing three thank-you notes a week.

Dear Doctor, “We all learn [even in business] on a need to know basis.”

Dear Doctors, “Explore your hobby.” I wish my Doctor would’ve advised it but I found this one all on my own. 🙂

Guest-Centric Medicine: CHECKLIST – The 50 Questions To Ask A Concierge Doctor Before You Sign-Up

The Healthy Habits and Hobbies of Great Doctors Every Patient Wants to Know — A Dive into the New Research Behind “Social Prescribing”

Dear Doctor, What Is “Compassion Fatigue” In Patient Care?

Dear Doctors, How Do You Metabolize Patient Compliments?

ANALYSIS + REFLECTION | What Other Service Industries With a “Concierge” Have Influenced “Concierge” Medicine?

LISTEN | Behavior Design In Healthcare, Meet Dr. Kyra Bobinet

Dear Doctor, Are you Likeable or Likable?

Dear Doctors, One magical piece of paper in your office

LISTEN | Four Year Old Girl Has Some Advice on Toys/Giveaways Found Inside a Doctor’s Office

Dear Doctors, “When Three Docs Retire, They Say …”

LISTEN | EP. 218 | “I always have time for my patients in fact we can spend hours if they need it.”

Dear Doctor, It’s Tax Day. But Do You Still Love Your Job?” Consider this …

Dear Doctor, “We all learn [even in business] on a need to know basis.”

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