December 7, 2021

(EXCLUSIVE, Watch) CMT LIVE DocPreneur Leadership “Video Broadcast” — With A Successful Merger, Founder & CEO Hiren Doshi To Launch Health Tech Company, Paragon Telehealth

ATLANTA, GA via NEW YORK, NY | MAY 2020 — Today we sit down with Hiren Doshi, CEO of Paragon Private Health (Paragon) and now moving into a new role, the CEO of Paragon Telehealth. What is the role of the Physician, Connected Care Technology and How Will It Improve Patient Care? LISTEN and/or WATCH HERE …
Hiren Doshi, Paragon Private Health

With a successful merger, Hiren Doshi will now focus on building and scaling digital health technologies including Paragon Telehealth, a company delivering telemedicine software solutions to healthcare providers.

ATLANTA, GA USA and New York, NY USA (MAY 2020)

Image Courtesy of Paragon Telehealth

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today and Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast/The DPC Journal

Today we sit down with Hiren Doshi, CEO of Paragon Private Health (Paragon) and now moving into a new role, the CEO of Paragon Telehealth.

Paragon And SignatureMD Merge To Establish Premier Provider Of Membership-Based Concierge Medicine Support Services

In our conversation today we tackle a lot of hot topics.

We discuss the role of the Physician, post-pandemic. We look into Concierge Medicine, its application in our healthcare environment today and what it’s teaching health systems, patients, specialists and Physicians outside the space about the importance of a “patient first” organizational culture and how Concierge Care models are impacting patient care and career satisfaction among Physicians. We also wrestle with and talk about how Physicians are managing patient expectations through digital technology, EHRs and EMRs and how important digital healthcare tools are now and will be in the management and future of the Patient-Physician relationship.

EDITOR: Why Patients Love or Leave A Concierge Medicine Physician? Hint: The Price Tag RARELY Has ANYTHING to Do With It.


About Paragon Telehealth

Headquartered in New York City, Paragon Telehealth is an innovative health tech company that is focused on design, development and deployment of telemedicine diagnostic and delivery solutions that enhance the ability of healthcare practitioners to provide optimal and augmented care to their patients. The lead product is an HIPPA compliant app that provides doctors and their staff and patients an elegant and dynamic platform for video,voice and text communication as well as personalized actions, practice information, appointment requests and other features. For participating practices, the app is readily available for download in the Apple and Android Online Stores.

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Hiren Doshi is the CEO of Paragon Telehealth, Paragon Private Health, and Founder of OmniActive an innovative and scientifically validated nutritional ingredients provider.

He is a proud member of the Young President’s Organization and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs.

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