First-Ever Medical Centers Concierge Alliance Conference Targets Hospital Physicians, Administrators and Medical Center Executives

First-Ever Medical Centers Concierge Alliance Conference Targets Hospital Physicians, Administrators and Medical Center Executives

CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact or call John Kirkpatrick, MD at 206-341-1557 (office).

JUNE 27, 2013 (SEATTLE, WA) – The Lewis and John Dare Center at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle has been a model for concierge medical care and unique primary care programs for years.  On August 2, 2013, the Dare Center has invited concierge physicians, hospital administrators and medical center executives from across the country to participate in a roundtable discussion.  This inaugural event will take place at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle.

Representatives from The Lewis and John Dare Center at Virginia Mason Medical Center will be leading the discussion.  John Kirkpatrick, MD, a Dare Center physician who will be one of the main speakers, noted that the main focus of the meeting is “to bring together staff members of medical centers with existing concierge programs to discuss common problems and share successful solutions.  We are also hoping to attract physicians and administrators from medical centers considering forming concierge programs.”

“It is our hope that this Medical Centers Concierge Alliance gathering will be the first of many meetings to come between hospitals, physicians and administrative officers at these facilities across the country,” added Kirkpatrick.  “By working together and keeping the lines of communication open, we can reach our common goal of supporting both the patient and the treating physician.”

While topics covered at the meeting will reflect a broad spectrum of concierge medicine issues, Dr. Kirkpatrick says, “The challenges of medical center concierge-style programs are very different than those experienced by concierge physicians in private practice.”

At least 15 medical centers are expected to send representatives to this meeting.  There will be a breakout session for program managers in established practices and another for attendees exploring this type of practice, as well as a roundtable discussion with “lessons learned” from other programs currently operating in the marketplace.

Topics will also include: alternative models; amenities/perks; preserving academic standards; legal hurdles; marketing tips; compensation issues; expectations/boundaries; recruiting; networking and more.

“Medical centers are no stranger to concierge programs, but they have an entirely different set of complexities to consider when implementing in local hospitals and communities for the first time,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the trade journal for the concierge medical marketplace.  “The physicians who work inside concierge medical center programs are typically primary care and family physicians and some hospitalists.  We know more hospitals are looking at ways to support and service their local communities and more physicians are turning to these facilities for employment.  This event offers hospitals and physicians a chance to meet with each other and explore the dynamics and popularity of concierge medicine programs across the country, and hopefully form an alliance of professionals who can continue exploring ways that medical centers can better serve their patients.  CMT believes this event will be a significant first step in reaching the hospital population and determining how we can all work together.  CMT fully supports the efforts made by Dr. Kirkpatrick and his team in the creation of the Medical Centers Concierge Alliance.”

To stay abreast of the issues concerning concierge programs in medical centers, look for future stories at .

TO REGISTER or for MORE INFORMATION: Contact or call John Kirkpatrick, MD at 206-341-1557 (office).

HOTEL and EVENT INFORMATION:  Attendees should arrange their own travel and lodging at The Washington Athletic Club – 1325 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA  98101.  HOTEL Reservations: 206-622-7900.  A special rate at the hotel has been arranged for all attendees — $189/night (reference Virginia Mason Medical Center to obtain the discount).

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About The Lewis and John Dare Center, Seattle, WA

The Dare Center opened its doors in January 2000, promising a health care experience that combines today’s technology with old-style service.  Named in honor of a father/son administrative team whose integrity and values formed the foundation of Virginia Mason Medical Center, the Dare Center is for patients who value their time, care seriously about their health care, and seek prompt, individualized attention from their primary care physician.  The Dare Center physicians have been recognized in Seattle Magazine as some of Seattle’s best doctors, and were voted best in their field in the 2009 nationwide Best Doctors, Inc., survey.  Unlike private practice concierge medicine programs, The Dare Center offers members personalized primary care that is fully integrated with an award-winning hospital and clinic specialists.  Their offices have full access to electronic medical records, digital imaging, specialty practices and the support structure of Virginia Mason.  Dare Center physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can even accompany their patients to specialist appointments with prior arrangement.

To learn more about The Lewis and John Dare Center, visit or call 206-341-1325.

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