FREE “Concierge” App Download, First-Ever Concierge Medicine and Direct Care Doctor App

883ab262-4390-4307-bd86-dcaa1b7f53beFirst-ever, Private-Pay Industry Has New App — helps find Direct-Pay and Concierge Doctors, History of Concierge Medicine and more.

FEBRUARY 1, 2013 – Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), is pleased to unveil the private medical practice industry’s first consumer-driven APP to help find, locate and connect with a concierge doctor or direct-pay physician.  The APP is now available for FREE on Android devices at the Android Marketplace and coming soon to iTunes.

conciergedoctorapp“We’re very proud to unveil this new app to the marketplace,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. “It’s been our mission and goal at CMT since our inception years ago to educate the marketplace about concierge medicine. This new APP is available for FREE in an effort to educate the masses about the cost, benefits and services these doctors provide across the U.S. “Concierge MD” provides them with access to a detailed history of concierge medicine, books and resources we’ve personally vetted about the marketplace and a complete list of concierge and direct-pay doctors across the Country.”

Download FREE “Concierge MD” App … | Download FREE “Concierge Doc” App …

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