November 29, 2021

How to employ evidence-based design strategies

Establishing a team and concrete steps will help to make the most of design research

By Philip LiBassi AIA, ACHA

Evidence-based design (EBD) is used in every aspect of daily architectural practice ranging from a request-for-quotation response to selecting the finish for a countertop.

Technology is advancing at a logarithmic rate, and the practice of EBD is adding to this exponential growth. While the value of EBD is clear, consideration should be given to how project teams incorporate it into the normative planning process.


To achieve the best outcome, the design team and health care organization should come to a consensus as to how to leverage EBD into the requirements of the program, schedule and budget.

Engaging the team

For most projects, the health care organization engages architectural and construction professionals. Commonly employed delivery methods include integrated project delivery, construction manager at risk — Lean, and using the “big-room” concept.