In Memory of Dr. Edward Goldman (1944 – 2014), Respected Physician, Business Leader and Pioneer in Concierge Medicine, a Co-Founder of MDVIP, Age 69

In Memory of Dr. Edward Goldman, Physician, Innovator, Influencer, part-time cowboy and an avid car enthusiast.

Tribute written by the Editors and Staff at Concierge Medicine Today, with multiple contributions in-kind, from the physician and business community at-large.

“… Despite his terrible illness he was still striving to project the message of private medicine to the nation … The loss of Ed Goldman is a great personal loss and a great loss to the House of Medicine.” Dr. T. LaGrelius, Calif.

OCTOBER 17, 2014 – DR. EDWARD GOLDMAN, a physician and business leader, died of complications from leukemia on October 5, 2014, at the age of 69. Dr. Goldman passed peacefully and was surrounded by family and loved ones, according to a comment made by relatives online.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1944, he moved to Miami, Florida with his family as a child in 1954. During his over 40 year career in medicine, Dr. Goldman took a leadership role in all of the major movements in healthcare, including HMOs, practice management, preventive healthcare and telemedicine. Most recently he served as Chairman of the Board of MDLIVE, Inc., a pioneering, market leading, telemedicine company.

“We are deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Dr. Goldman,” said Julie A. Robinson, Vice President of Operations at Cypress Concierge Medicine. “As an industry pioneer, Dr. Goldman’s legacy of bringing personalized medicine back to both physicians and patients will be felt for generations to come. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends during this difficult time.”

“I’ve known Ed since the late 90s when he was forming MDVIP and we were part of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) together,” says Terrence L. Bauer, Principal of Stroudwater Associates. “I fondly remember Ed as a visionary, an inspirational leader and a warm and caring physician.”

Dr. Goldman was the co-founder of MDVIP, Inc., the nation’s premier concierge medicine company. He also co-founded and was the Chairman of Pal-Med Health Services and practiced in South Florida for over 20 years as a board-certified family practice physician.

Dr. Goldman is a laureate of the Smithsonian Institution for his contribution to healthcare informatics and was named the 2008 “Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Florida.

“As founding CEO of MDVIP he [Dr. Goldman] touched the lives of many employees and affiliates,” adds Chairman & CEO of MDVIP said Bret Jorgensen, Chairman and CEO of MDVIP, Inc. “[He] created the blueprint for a transformational primary care practice model that is improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients and doctors across the country. Dr. Goldman’s professional legacy is that of a healthcare leader, innovator and entrepreneur with a long list of accomplishments and accolades, but who we will miss most is who he was as a person – visionary, pioneering, articulate, passionate, compassionate, courageous and persevering. He embraced change; nothing was ever too challenging, no task too daunting. Dr. Goldman focused on life’s endless possibilities. His optimism in the face of adversity was truly inspiring.”

“So many people were impacted and blessed by Dr. Goldman’s tireless work, industry endeavors and innovative ideas throughout his remarkable life,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. “He leaves a rich legacy to the healthcare industry across America. The world of concierge medicine, telemedicine, business and health innovation and healthcare advocacy will forever be changed and grateful for his imprint.”

Dr. Goldman will be dearly missed by his many friends and family. According to his obituary published earlier this week in the Miami Herald, he was a part-time cowboy and an avid car enthusiast.

“While I did not know him, I know of him and his great accomplishments,” says Peter Hoedemaker, CEO at MD². “A tremendous inspiration for all of us.”

He is survived by his loving wife Lisa and two daughters Melissa and Audrey. He is also survived by his brother and sister-in-law, Paul and Arlene Goldman, and sister and brother-in-law, Roseann and Gary Cohen, as well as his nieces and nephews, Joy Goldman, Abby Levy, Darren Levy, Eden Goldman, Charly Cohen, Brandon Levy and Alissa Levy.

The funeral was held at Beth Israel Memorial Chapel, 11115 S. Jog Rd., Boynton Beach, FL 33437 on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at 9 am.

“I also knew Ed personally,” says Roberta Greenspan, President of Specialdocs Consultants, Inc. “In addition to many conversations we had over the years, Michael [Michael Friedlander, Principal at Specialdocs] and I had the pleasure of being invited to Ed & Lisa Goldman’s home for dinner several years ago. He was a consummate gentleman, gracious and kind… and most certainly a visionary in this concierge medicine space.  I’m so sorry to hear of his passing, and we will be sure to reach out to Lisa with our condolences.”

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his name to:

  • The Children’s Bereavement Center, 7600 S. Red Rd., Suite 307, South Miami, FL 33431,
  • South Florida Academy of Learning, 4640 NW 74th Pl., Coconut Creek, FL 33073,, or
  • Chabad of Brookline, 105 Saint Paul St., Brookline, MA 02446,

“I first met Dr. Ed Goldman on the phone when MDVIP consisted of two doctors,” says Dr. ThomasW. LaGrelius of Skypark Preferred Family Care, a concierge practice in Torrance, CA. “We kept in touch while he built MDVIP. I first met him in person in 2005 when I visited MDVIP headquarters in Boca Raton, FL which by that time had grown to about 10% of its present size. We collaborated many times since and shared several podiums at presentations on concierge medicine.  He was one of my finest mentors.”

MDVIP started as an idea — an idea that was sparked in the minds of a few visionary doctors who were seeking to rekindle their passion for medicine once again, who knew there had to be a better way to fully care for — not merely treat — the patients  who flooded their waiting rooms and who believed the healthcare system had lost its way.  The MDVIP model was created with the hope and vision of bringing more life to more lives — both young and old — by putting impersonal healthcare practices and tactics aside, and embracing a new way of healing.

“He and his MDVIP co-founder Dr. Bernard Kaminetsky came up with a model for direct practice concierge medicine that has been replicated by many, myself included, and envied from coast to coast,” adds LaGrelius. “At first Ed tried to convince private and government insurers that optimum care in a practice limited to about 600 patients could vastly improve outcomes and also save large numbers of health care dollars. He then proceeded to overwhelmingly prove it worked using private funds, willingly given, directly by patients.  The failings of our over regulated, costly, insurance based health care financing system were graphically exposed to all by his marvelous disruptive innovation, and now Americans from all economic levels and callings are streaming into practices like the ones he designed, because they work.”

To those that were fortunate enough to be his patients, Dr. Goldman always remembered that his patients were people — not numbers or charts — but unique individuals with their own personal story, something reflected in the MDVIP relationship to this day.

Founded in 2009, MDLIVE is a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services and software that benefit patients, hospitals, employers, payers, physician practice groups and accountable care organizations. Practice Communications Inc. (PCI) has developed interoperable Personal Health Records (PHR) which can automatically and electronically obtain, with a patient’s permission, the information contained in the patient’s physicians’ electronic medical records and save it in a secure online record controlled by the patient, thereby aggregating the patient’s complete medical record. Merged with MDLive Care to found MDLIVE, Inc. in March 2012.

Their cloud-based Virtual Medical Office software platform makes it possible for patients, medical professionals and plan administrators to collaborate seamlessly and securely via voice, video, email and mobile devices. Payers and providers can also utilize the HIPAA-compliant system to collect and share clinical data from patient medical records, lab results and in-home biometric devices for real-time risk assessments, wellness advice, diagnosis and treatment.

“I am saddened to learn of Dr. Goldman’s passing,” says Dr. Samir Qamar CEO or MedLion. “His creation of MDVIP began a revolution of subscription-based primary care that continues to spread across the country, inspiring many new companies and healthcare models, including MedLion. Our thoughts go out to his family, and colleagues at MDVIP and MDLive.”

“Always a gentleman and a visionary I considered him a personal friend,” adds LaGrelius. “Only a year ago he accepted my request to join our ACPP steering committee, and until his illness made it difficult for him to attend was a valued contributor to the thought process of building a true professional society for credentialed direct practice doctors.  My last conversation with him while he was under treatment in Boston, was this summer, and despite his terrible illness he was still striving to project the message of private medicine to the nation.  He promised me then, that when he beat his leukemia, he would take a greater role.  The loss of Ed Goldman is a great personal loss and a great loss to the House of Medicine.”

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his name to:

  • The Children’s Bereavement Center, 7600 S. Red Rd., Suite 307, South Miami, FL 33431,
  • South Florida Academy of Learning, 4640 NW 74th Pl., Coconut Creek, FL 33073,, or
  • Chabad of Brookline, 105 Saint Paul St., Brookline, MA 02446,


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