October 25, 2020

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INFOGRAPHIC | 2020 Differences Between Concierge Medicine and DPC, Business Education Infographic

For years now, a lot of people like to compare Concierge Medicine to Direct Primary Care (DPC) and say … ‘DPC is the less expensive alternative.’ But the data, the patient interviews and the industry service offerings say something completely different.

Glossary of Terminology — Understand the Different Definitions

These business models are dynamic and they’ve changed over the years. To repeatedly say ‘Concierge Medicine is only for the ultra-wealthy …’ is ignoring the fact we stated in the first sentence … ‘they’ve changed over the years.’

concierge medicine facts stats numbers www.ConciergeMedicineToday.com“America’s Best Places To Work never include a doctors office,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of the trade publication and conference host, Concierge Medicine Today and its sister publication, The Direct Primary Care Journal. “Inside traditional medicine, patients expect to wait. They expect insurance to cover their visit. When it does not, they expect to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at the Doctor’s offices. What I like about both of these healthcare delivery models is they’re trying to say ‘We’re different.’ But people, the media and even Doctors can make the mistake of typecasting one business model over another and it’s an unfair and misinformed comparison.”

Know Your Free Market Healthcare Choices And The Different Options — Click Here …

Today, the distinguishing factor differentiating DPC and Concierge Care is not price … it’s demography, insurance participation of the practice, monthly billing practices (seen at most DPC clinics) vs. annual subscriptions and what services are offered through eachy program. In both Concierge Care and DPC, people have inherent, not ascribed value. There’s no class order … no first class or second class, just people for whom doctors serve each day. They’ve built clinics for children, families and people who are sick … and it is these visioneering physicians who are drawing attention to the cost of healthcare across the country and designing ways for it to be available and affordable for anyone.

Can Physician “Concierge Fees” be Reimbursed From a Health FSA or HSA?

Our latest 2019-2020 Infographic contains a lot of new information. From scholarships to staffing. We’ve even added comparsion stats and figures which compare the same question asked today to how that same question performed a few years ago. You’ll be surprised by some of the figures. The numbers are what they are, and that is polling figures. Polling by definition is not an exact science. For further clarification, it is a sampling or collection of opinions on a particular subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, for the purpose of analysis.[1]

10 differences between concierge medicine and direct primary care

Through years of our analytics, questionings and polling, we strive to help Employers, Doctors and Patients unlock the information they want to know about this young, relatively small but very unique and dynamic space within the free market of healthcare today. We know that data-driven decision-making always wins over guesswork so we do the best we can. And with the right questions healthcare providers and experts are examining this polling data for themselves to help them strategize for the future of DPC and ultimately provide better healthcare to our communities.

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