Letter from the Editor: “Happy Doctors Are Not Malfunctioning Physicians”

One of our favorite quotes #FORDoctors comes today from a Physician we interviewed just last week (this interview is here). Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, a Physician and author of a new book, EntreMD said on our Podcast … “The cavalry is not coming. The cavalry is here. The cavalry is us. We’re the ones that are going to rise to the occasion and effect the change we want to see.”

I love this!

Letter from the Editor: “Happy Doctors Are Not Malfunctioning Physicians”

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Dear Doctors,

I recently visited a pediatric clinic last week that had 16 clipboards at-the-ready as soon as you walk-in … you know the ones with those chain-pens attached to them?

More on that later.

So, once a quarter we write a letter from the editor to our Physician readers echoing personal physician sentiments and stories. Those lessons learned are shared with us by your peers about how they improve patient experience or even spotlight their unique journey into medicine. But one theme that keeps rising to the surface in our conversations that I want to share with you which is “You have permission to be happy.”

For some reason, happy Physicians are seen as malfunctioning in this world.

I’ve even heard some say from a stage, ‘You should wear making no money as a badge of honor.’

Yet when we actively study, interview and understand the life of a happy Physician, we find most, if not all, have a lot of things in common. One for example is, they’re doing something to make their community a better place.

Their purpose extends beyond the exam room and into the living rooms and kitchens of our communities.

One of our mentors around here, Jeff Henderson wrote to us this week and said … “For some reason, profitable organizations are seen as evil in today’s world. Sure, there are organizations that do bad things. Call me naive, but I think that’s the exception. I think the world is better when we have thriving, profitable organizations. In fact, thriving communities require it.”

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He’s right.

And when you apply this sentiment to your medical practice, I would say ‘the world is better when we have thriving, profitable physicians. In fact, your patients and your communities require it.’

Thanks, Jeff.

In closing, it’s not enough to have 16 clipboards at-the-ready. The great Doctors of our future, must have a compelling and personal purpose that they have put on repeat.

But don’t take my word for it.

Take your patients word for it.

After all, it’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world any more, it’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world, FOR your Patients and FOR your local community.

We see you, we believe in you and we are FOR YOU,



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