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A Biennial Recognition, Meet The Who’s Who In Concierge Medicine Throughout The U.S. In 2018 by industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today.

guide book 2016JUNE 1, 2018 | ATLANTA, GA USA – Twenty-five (25) Physicians have been named to Concierge Medicine Today’s biennial ‘Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ for 2018. This national trade publication’s recognition is a distinction held by less than one percent of doctors across the country every two years.

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“We look for physicians who have made a significant impact on patients, their peers, their community, their state, social media, clinical research and personalized treatment, use innovative technology and more,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of the industry’s medical news and information agency, Concierge Medicine Today. “Concierge Medicine physicians don’t accept the status quo. Therefore, we believe it is important to acknowledge specific physicians and certain practices every two years within the Concierge Medicine space … they reflect, demonstrate and drive innovation, communicate with exceptional professionalism, provide value and uncover the unique benefits of this at-the-ready industry.”

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2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM Recap: What a Week! Doctors Across the U.S. and Leaders in Precision Medicine Soar into Atlanta.

Over the past several years, Concierge Medicine Today found distinguished doctors opening unique practices in markets like New York, Florida, Connecticut, California, Georgia, Texas and Illinois. This year, physicians are prominently working in various medical areas of healthcare which include: Integrative and Functional Medicine; Pediatric Care; Primary Care; Cardiology; Tropical Medicine; Family Medicine; Executive Healthcare settings; mobile medical facilities; and even Holistic Menopause and Anti-Aging practices. The result is Concierge Medicine Today’s ‘2018 Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ across America list, which includes some of the nation’s most respected specialists and outstanding primary care physicians. These are the doctors that patients, peers and other healthcare professionals recognize as the best in their fields. They do not pay a fee and are not paid to be listed. Today, as in years past, it is a list which is respected by the medical profession and patients alike as a source of quality information.

“Patient Satisfaction in Concierge Care remains exceptionally high but inside traditional medical practice environments, patients expect to wait and they expect friction with staff,” notes Tetreault. “Nowhere else in our lives except inside a healthcare facility do we ready ourselves for this kind of tension. Attitudes toward Concierge Medicine have undergone significant and positive changes since the signature of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. Patients seeking Concierge Physicians tell us they expected insurance to cover their visit. When it is was not, they expected to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say, they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at their doctor’s office. We can do better. Concierge Medicine Patients are Invited rather than Expected. This counter-intuitive approach exceeds expectations, thereby creating a massively loyal and engaged audience which, in turn, is producing some amazing patient outcome data as released and seen by other organizations operating in this space.

A Biennial Recognition, Concierge Medicine Today’s Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine are the doctors that patients, peers and other healthcare professionals recognize as the best in their field. They are working inside of Integrative and Functional Medicine environments; Pediatric Concierge Care; Subscription-based Primary Care; Cardiology; Tropical Medicine; Family Medicine; Executive Healthcare and even Holistic Menopause and Anti-Aging practices.

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Congratulations to the following physicians named to Concierge Medicine Today’s 2017-2018 list of ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ who made the list (in alphabetical order):

“When healthcare is looking for innovation and ideas about care delivery, they are observing Concierge Medicine,” said Tetreault. “One of the most interesting observations inside of this years list of physicians is just how many are implementing genetic testing to help their patients understand more about their health.”

  1. concierge medicine top doctors 2018 2017 fordoctorsFamily Medicine | Raye-Anne Ayo, M.D. | Knoxville, TN
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Ayo …
  2. Internal Medicine | Joel Bessmer, M.D. | Omaha, NE
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Bessmer …
  3. Integrative Functional Medicine Physician | Payal N. Bhandari, M.D. | San Francisco, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Bhandari …
  4. Family Physician | John A. Blanchard | Troy, MI
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Blanchard …
  5. Internal Medicine | Michael Brousseau, M.D. | Beverly Hills, CA 
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Brousseau …
  6. Double Board-Certified Physician, with clinical interests in Family Medicine, Holistic Care, Integrative & Functional Medicine | Ellie Campbell, D.O. | Cumming, GA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Campbell …
  7. Internal Medicine | Andrew Demarco, M.D. | Wexford, PA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Demarco …
  8. Osteopathic Medicine | Sarah Mildred Gamble, D.O. | Greenwich, CT
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Gamble …
  9. Functional Primary Care | Family Osteopathic Medicine | Family Medicine | Dr. Bryan R. Glick | Scottsdale, AZ
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Glick …
  10. Family Physician | Radley Griffin, M.D. | Tampa, FL
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Griffin …
  11. Internal Medicine | Weigh Management | Executive Wellness | Morris Hasson, M.D. | Aliso Viejo, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Hasson …
  12. Concierge Family Medicine | Ian Kroes, M.D. | Menlo Park, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Kroes …
  13. Family Medicine | George Liakeas, M.D. | New York, NY
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Liakeas …
  14. Internal Medicine | Harley R. Liker, M.D. | Beverly Hills, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More About Dr. Liker …
  15. Integrative Medicine | Shira Miller, M.D. | Sherman Oaks, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Miller …
  16. Internal Medicine | Michael Monaco, M.D. | Overland Park, KS
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Monaco …
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    “There is a mystique, a temperament and a curious fascination about Concierge Medicine. It is in the name alone and that impressionable terminology, like it or not, is an important conversation starter and we need more of that in our medical culture,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of CMT/The DPC Journal LIVE at the CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM in Atlanta. Learn more about the 2019 LIVE EVENT in Atlanta …

    Executive Health, UCLA Health System | Brian Morris, M.D. | Los Angeles, CA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Morris …

  18. Internist; Travel Medicine Credentialed; Clinical Tropical Medicine; Home Care & Preventive Medicine Specialist | Ronald Primas, M.D. | New York, NY|
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Primas …
  19. Internal Medicine | Jeffrey Puglisi, M.D. | Greenwich, CT
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Puglisi …
  20. Pediatric, Concierge Medicine | Chad Rudnick, M.D. | Boca Raton, FL
    Visit Web Site to Learn More  about Dr. Rudnick …
  21. Family Medicine, Functional Medicine | Heidi Rula, M.D. | Scottsdale, AZ
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Rula …
  22. Family Medicine | Deborah St. Clair, M.D. | Tampa, FL
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. St.Clair …
  23. Family Medicine | Eugene A. Shmorhun, M.D. | Fairfax, VA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Shmorhun …
  24. Quadruple board-certified in: Cardiology; Internal Medicine; Echocardiography; & Nuclear Cardiology | Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz | Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Sizemore-Ruiz …
  25. Family Medicine | Suzanne Ferree Turner, M.D. | Roswell, GA
    Visit Web Site to Learn More about Dr. Turner …

“Two notable observations we encountered throughout our entire review process was related to patient comments received prior to transition and staff issues— which seem to plague most medical offices, even those inside the four walls of a Concierge Medicine practice,” said Tetreault. “A physicians reputation in the public and online is dramatically different from the patient reviews they may receive prior to a physicians entry into Concierge Medicine vs. after the conversion. Many [physicians] go from zero to hero in the eyes of their patients in a matter of weeks or months. We have also noticed that the physicians staff and their individual attitudes towards patients still remains a sore spot among the doctor’s and patients concerns. Even post-transition, when physicians are well into managing their Concierge Medicine members … managing staff inappropriately can impact the clinic’s annual patient retention and ultimately, their bottom line. However, it is amazing what can be accomplished when Physicians walk this healthcare delivery process out and into their own communities. It is only now, that when we are able to look back and track these dramatic career moves of physicians that we see why so many patient experiences make so much sense.”

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RECAP of 2018 CONFERENCE — “Physicians Convene in Atlanta to Learn About Precision Medicine, Genomics, Concierge Medicine and Other Innovative Healthcare Delivery Happenings, October 2018”

Criteria Evaluated for CMT’s “TOP DOCS” 2017-2018 Recognition and Nomination Includes (but is not limited to…)

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    “Try navigating managed care on a rotary phone,” said Dan Hecht in his Saturday presentation in Atlanta, GA at the CMT/DPC Journal CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM. “So many things get in the way of connecting with Patients in a Doctor’s office. Choose the road less traveled.” LEARN ABOUT the upcoming FORUM & Attend LIVE in 2019 …

    Patient Reviews

  • Wait-Time Evaluation
  • Staff Issues
  • Use of Innovative Healthcare Technologies
  • Appropriate Use of Social Media
  • Educational Efforts (ie. about Concierge Medicine)
  • Education
  • Patient Ratings/Reviews
  • Value-Added Services Inside Their Practice
  • Innovative Services/Marketing
  • Charitable Participation Efforts In Their Local Community
  • Medical Influence
  • Peer Recognition/Nomination
  • Social Influence
  • Community Involvement

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“What physicians and healthcare professionals are learning and observing in the Concierge Medicine space is having an impact on the entire healthcare ecosystem across the U.S. and abroad,” said Tetreault. “From in-depth, 90-minute intake visits with your doctor, 30 to 60-minute follow-up visits at your convenience to the use of advanced genomic testing and lifestyle coaching, Concierge Medicine physicians don’t accept the status quo. Patient Satisfaction in the field remains exceptionally high and attitudes toward Concierge Medicine have undergone significant and positive changes since the signature of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.”

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In January/February of 2018, CMT’s Specialty Concierge Medicine Polling Data was published in Cardiovascular Business. Call of Concierge: Still a Niche in Cardiology, But Growing. | John W. Mitchell, MS | January 2018 | Practice Management

Since 2011, there are a growing number of physicians in secondary Concierge Medicine specialties including: Pediatrics; General Surgery; Spine Surgery; Gynecology; Dentistry; Cardiology; Addiction Medicine; Dermatology; Oncology and others. These specialty practices usually offer the same immediate access, longer appointments, and a proactive health focus similar to primary care concierge practices. Some also offer home visits. Specialists usually limit their practices to a smaller number of patients -150-300 compared to the more typical 300-750 patients for primary care. They also tend to have patients who have chronic conditions.

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Why Do Patients Love or Leave A Concierge Medicine Physician?

“Although Concierge Medicine started out as a concept for the affluent nearly 20 years ago, over time, the movement has taken a clearly middle-class turn,” says Tetreault. “Today, we can see impressions of old-fashioned medical care where a doctor carries a medical bag into your home or visits you when you’re in the hospital because it’s simply the right thing to do. However, we also see and hear reports each week that administrative support staff inside these unique healthcare delivery environments and traditional, non-Concierge style environments continue to be a challenge for physicians to overcome. Moreover, patients leave their physician after many years not because of something the physician did or did not do, but because of the staff. In the past several years, we see that there are countless people searching for these types of doctors every day. From the mid 1990’s to present day, Concierge Medicine has matured into countless service variations within our local communities. Annual fees today reflect the level of personal attention and service that a doctor provides and noticeably, patients are deciding to make a personal investment in their own healthcare.”

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Industry sources from within Concierge Medicine confirm there are probably around 5,000 to 20,000 private medicine physicians nationally according to the independent industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today. Why the numbers conundrum? Well, since there is no federal registry or official national database of these physicians, it is difficult to accurately estimate a precise number. These figures still only represent a minute percentage of the roughly 923,308 total licensed physicians in the U.S.,[1] that actively practice medicine today. Industry experts and observers tell Concierge Medicine Today that growth in the provision of subscription private medicine services has been primarily in internal medicine and family medicine, although specialty physician participation is on the rise. Concierge Medicine Today also cautions that there is no way that Internet searches and polling on the Internet can or will result in an accurate head count of these subscription-based business model physicians. Therefore, it is left up to industry examiners, physicians and thought leaders in the space, to accurately estimate and educate others about the history and future of this private medical space.

According to Concierge Medicine Today, long-term data on these particular subscription-based Patients is still being compiled. Further analysis is encouraged and supported by marketplace consultants and physicians. More data to support these common observations should be analyzed and published. Based upon observation of these trends year after year, these [Concierge] practices are reporting levels or percentages at or exceeding traditional primary care and family practice patient retention and care expectations.

2019 CMT concierge medicine forum“We are proud of the physicians named to this year’s ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ list,” said Catherine Sykes, Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today. “The listed physicians, are singular representatives of a modern era of healthcare delivery that is representative of old-fashioned values. These physicians and their staff, in our opinion, provide some of the most innovative approaches, ideas, educational treatments and therapies available to patients today. Together, with their healthcare teams, they are bringing patient-care and affordable access to their communities in a new level of excellence.”

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Source: [1] Kaiser Family Foundation; April 2017; Total Professionally Active Physicians in the United States; Data includes currently active allopathic physicians (MDs) and osteopathic physicians (DOs).

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If you have any questions about these physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly. Concierge Medicine Today uses its best efforts to gather the information that is available and use it effectively. Ultimately, however, it is the professional judgment of the Concierge Medicine Today editors, the Managing Director and Publisher, which determines Concierge Medicine Today’s ‘Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ selection. The editors, publisher, distributors, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies, stress that since the details of an individual’s personal health situation are fact-dependent, in no event shall any of our representatives or affiliated companies be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or financial costs arising out of the use of any of the physicians on this list.