November 28, 2021

New Nonprofit, Project Cardio, Launches Healthy Movement to Raise Awareness on Cardiovascular Disease

TAMPA, Fla. (February 13, 2019) – Go Epic Health is launching its new nonprofit organization, Project Cardio, to create awareness and educate people on how to prevent and mitigate Cardiovascular Disease.


“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; Project Cardio was created to encourage and inspire people to take their health into their own hands,” said James Price, CEO of Go Epic Health. “We want all Americans to work these tips into their daily lives to combat heart disease.”

Project Cardio offers rewards for keeping active. These health stars are redeemable for great offers on health products.

This health-centered non-profit will provide incentives to its participants through:
• Education on ways to start and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.
• Providing information on new advancements in all aspects of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
• Creating ongoing resources for those seeking better health through a proactive health-driven lifestyle.
• A forum for members to celebrate, learn and inspire each other through positive affirmation.

Seeking to educate people about their lifestyle choices, Project Cardio will be reaching out to younger audiences through schools, youth sports, and fitness-focused or recreational organizations encouraging healthier habits sooner than later in life when most cardiovascular problems develop.

This organization seeks to partner with industry leaders and influencers who are willing to help drive awareness on this critical issue.

Project Cardio also includes an application which can be downloaded to a mobile device and synced with your Fitbit to track your progress as you work toward earning rewards.

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