WSJ BUSINESS: SELLING YOUR PRACTICE … ‘Then, the adviser created projections for revenues, expenses and personal income based on three different scenarios for the future of the practice–staying independent, selling to a hospital, or switching to a concierge medicine model …’

If the physician switched to a concierge model, Mr. Loftus determined that he would need at least 400 of his patients to pay a fee of $1,600 per year. The practice’s revenue would shrink by $200,000, but he’d also reduce his expenses by cutting his staff, so his […]

“On March 1, SFM will no longer accept insurance. His patients will pay $65 a month for adults, $10 a month for kids. A patient’s membership will buy them total access in person, by phone, email, text, Skype and Facetime.”

Local doctor brings ‘concierge medicine’ to the masses By Dennis Owens SCOTLAND, Pa. (WHTM) — February 20, 2014 — Scotland Family Medicine in Franklin County has a website featuring a classic Norman Rockwell painting of a young boy in a doctor’s office with his pants pulled down, about […]

Manhattan based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Haar, elected to opt out of all government and third party insurers and instead offer direct cash pay pricing to the uninsured and small businesses …

 Transparent Cash Based System Aims to Lower Cost Of Medical Services Orthopedic Surgical Services for Uninsured, Small Businesses and Self-funded plans To take it a step further, the practice chose to list prices for their procedures via their website (  The goal of this endeavor was to eliminate […]

POLICY: DPC Debated on Capitol Hill

By Jessica Socheski FEBRUARY 17, 2014 – A senator and a state representative from Idaho recently proposed legislation in Washington to allow direct primary healthcare to serve as an acceptable alternative to Obamacare’s government insurance. As this private form of care continues to grow, here are some answers […]