Present Day: Where is a “Concierge” service offering or form thereof in healthcare operating and how will it be implemented or used in the near future?

Today, there are a number of ways to define the term “Concierge”. Personally, when it applies to healthcare, I would define it something like this …

Concierge Medicine is about Doctors that work hard to exceed the expectations of every single person under their care (aka the Patient, consumer, customer, guest, client, VIP, partner, or employee). They’re efficient, responsive, resourceful, knowledgeable and experts at problem solving and excel at relationship building. They use only efficient technology and the latest precision medicine test(s) that create a better relationship between Patient and Physician. They find the latest evidence based medicine insight to make the most qualified decisions and present that evidence to their patient. They have access to some of the best in class specialists and facilities in the world. They realize that a little encouragement on the phone means more than office visit. They welcome, inform, and serve every person who walks or calls their practice. They realize that healthcare is also about the little things and that caring is part of the prescription. They provide a remarkable guest and patient experience for everyone and they understand that experience depends on a number of factors: staff training, communication, accessibility, leadership, signage, facilities, and the overall “feel” of the office or practice. Their goal, in every interaction with every patient is simple: A Concierge Doctor is their to exceed their expectations of hospitality and meet them where they are with a smile and an answer.

STUDY | ChenMed and University of Miami Researchers Show High-Touch Care Improves Health Outcomes

In a category all its own “concierge medicine” is something every Doctor can all aspire to provide. What is it to you? Is it a Noun? Or, is it a Verb. I’ll let you decide.

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Stephanie Watson from wrote “the roots of the title, “concierge” are from the Latin word conserves, meaning “fellow slave.” The word itself is French, meaning “keeper of the keys.” During the Middle Ages, concierges did just that. When castles across Europe hosted visiting nobility, the concierge kept the keys to the castle rooms, and ensured that guests had everything they needed during their stay. By the 1800s, a number of buildings in Europe, from government offices to prisons, had their own concierge on staff. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the concierge position emerged in the United States, although hotel bell captains and front desk staff had unofficially been performing the same duties for many years. Thomas Wolfe is known as one of the first American concierges. He worked in Europe for several years before taking up a position with the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco in 1974, and he founded the original West Coast chapter of Les Clefs D’Or (the West Coast and East Coast chapters eventually merged to form the organization’s modern incarnation). (Source: History and the Future of the Concierge Industry; How a Concierge Works; By Stephanie Watson)

“First and foremost, we put a major emphasis on training for all employees, no matter their department or title. Every new employee must attend a mandatory New Employee Orientation before they are allowed to serve a guest. During this training, there is a strong focus on The Ritz-Carlton culture, which is referred to as The Gold Standards.” ~Bill Marriott; April 2011; Good Training Leads to Service Excellence

Where are some of the most innovative Concierge Medicine Doctors finding new ideas and learning to innovate?

Hint: In some of the most unusual places! These are just a few resources our readers tell us they consistently reference. Email us at to tell us what your reading, where you might be learning and what magazines and conferences you’re attending!

  • Innovative Doctors are reading, a lot!
    • The most successful Doctors tell us at Concierge Medicine Today and The DPC Journal that they’re reading two or more business and strategy books every single month. To get started, here’s a list or peer recommended books here we asked them to provide our readers —
  • Personality and Attitude Tests
  • Professional Development and Certificate Programs (not CME courses)
  • Precision Medicine Conferences
  • The Online Concierge Medicine FORUM Community of Doctors
  • Business Magazine Subscriptions
  • The Online Concierge Medicine FORUM Community of Doctors curated by CMT |  Learn More … Join Your Peers …

    Podcasts and Audible Book Downloads (e.g. audio podcasts and downloadable books)

    1. The DocPreneur Podcast – Michael Tetreault is the editor at Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal is packed with great info. about practice-improvement, the business of medicine, entrepreneurial innovation in healthcare, precision medicine and genomic intelligence and membership and boutique medicine model growth. It also brings news and updates about the healthcare tech industry and boutique medicine industries right to your ears in this one place. Each episode is different and fresh with experienced DocPreneurs and successful experts giving you their insight. This educational podcast has guests like Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Founder of neuroscience firm, engagedIN, Dr. David Karow, CEO of Human Longevity & The Health Nucleus, Richard Nordstrom, Dr. Brandon Colby and many more.
    2. HBR Idea Cast – Sarah Green is an editor at the Harvard Business Review and she also interviews major names like Eric Schmidt from Google in her podcasts. This one truly has amazing and educational content.
    3. Youpreneur FM – Chris Ducker bares it all with his Youpreneur FM podcast on how to create a personal brand. He is an amazing interviewer that asks the right questions to get the most out of his guests.
    4. Entrepreneur on Fire – John Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire interviews exceptional entrepreneurs and discusses strategies that can really transform a business or even an enterprise.
    5. Marketing Over Coffee – Christopher Penn and John Wall talk about new marketing trends and the latest digital marketing news in their Marketing Over Coffee podcast. What you should analyze, how strategy can improve your sales and other crucial marketing questions are discussed in this show regularly.
    6. Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series – The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series podcast is different from all of the others on the list. The Leader Series are lectures on entrepreneurship from famous speakers such as Ben Horowitz, Liz Wiseman and many more.
  • One, Two and Three Day Professional Development Programs (not CME courses)
    • The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center
    • The Disney Institute
    • Virgin Hotels Corporate People Development Program(s)
    • The Concierge Medicine Forum (Annual Conference)
      • Jam packed for now three days with: workshops; breakouts; Precision Medicine courses; patient marketing skills classes; member retention strategies; staff development; succession and retirement strategies; etc.)
    • The J.W. Marriott Brand
    • The Build Institute | Detroit, MI
      • We help people turn their business ideas into reality by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support network in Detroit. To date, we have graduated over 1400 aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs from our classes, many of whom have gone on to start successful businesses in the city. In addition to classes, we offer networking events, mentorship, connections to resources and a nurturing community that allows ideas to develop and flourish over time. With a little support, a lot of hard work, and a friendly nudge, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.
    • University Customer Service Excellence Certificate Courses
      • Example, eCornell by Cornell University – “Great service isn’t just a customer benefit; it’s a competitive differentiator in any industry. The courses in this certificate program leverage today’s leading customer service strategies to help you raise the standard of service excellence for your organization, business unit, division, or team. You’ll learn to assess the market needs for the service provided by your organization and develop the leadership competencies needed to create a consistent culture of empowerment and continuous improvement that will inspire exceptional service, every time, everywhere.”
    • Four Seasons Customer Service Training Programs
    • Marriott Management Philosophy Training
  • Online and Webinar Courses and Curriculum (Distance Learning)
    • Cruise Line Professional Development Courses
    • Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®)* Training Course(s)

Patients Are Choosing Concierge Medicine Doctors Because They’re Tired of The “Standard” They Are Receiving In Most Places. They’re “BURNED OUT” too!

Lessons for the Optometric Practice from Ritz-Carlton

Remember, success in modern healthcare delivery today and tomorrow will require the implementation of kindness in every detail. From the parking lot to the front desk, your interior clinic design, your clinic culture, your smiling face and even your technology — all of this will help to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience for your Patient, consumer, employees and community alike.

I’ll close this topic today with a quote I just absolutely love from Virgin Hotels VP of People, Clio Knowles. She said in a recent interview, “If we truly live the culture every day, it becomes part of the fabric of who we are as a company, and in order for it to become embedded in our daily lives, we have to reinforce it regularly.”