Concierge Medicine Today and The DCJ to Launch New Radio Station Network This Fall

ATLANTA, GA | 06/1/2013 – Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) and The Direct Primary Care Journal (DCJ), the multi-media news and information resources for the direct primary care and concierge medicine marketplace, announced today that it will begin to launch their content over the air-waves through a national online Internet-radio network this fall, 2013.  Content will focus specifically on the growing concierge medicine and direct primary care landscape, offering listeners quality education, insight and information about this growing industry. They will introduce breaking news, opinion and commentary from special guests and have in-depth, industry-specific discussions.

“The need for a broad, sweeping education and public awareness advocate with the right message to arise is now,” says Catherine Sykes, Publisher of both Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal. “Our efforts over the past several years in various markets are showing people [and physicians] the efficacy, value and health benefits these [concierge and direct care medicine] types of practices provide. We will ask the questions everyone wants to know but few are asking and we will talk about it on a national platform that people will listen to on their computers and mobile devices.”

CMT is building a new page on their website that will provide complete podcast recordings of past on-air interviews and broadcasts along with an iTunes Channel, and it is slated to be rolled out this Fall.

“There are a lot of great people who have a lot of passion for this industry and they will have a key place on our channel,” adds Michael Tetreault, Editor of CMT and DCJ. “We’re answering the questions people have about this industry with great conversation, education and truth. This action reflects our goal to ramp up education and awareness of this industry across the country. This will mean greater investment in the industry, individual practices, strategy and that more public education will occur. Our management believes that there’s absolutely no reason why patients, if properly and professionally educated and when shown the facts, cannot see the vast economical benefits and value that this type of healthcare provides.”

This move has been praised by consumers, business leaders and physicians enthusiastic about this powerful educational platform.

“Our online community at CMT and DCJ is becoming more and more connected to their mobile devices and the Internet,” says Tetreault. “We’re simply giving them what they need to continue to spread the good news. Information and channel selection on the broadcast access is shortly forthcoming.”

Be sure to listen to broadcasts, updated weekly at their website this Fall at and Click on the RADIO or ON-AIR button to listen and download previous broadcasts.

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