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BUSINESS: When numbers dramatically decrease in your Concierge or Direct Care Practice, how do you fill the void?

Who Fills The Most Important Position in Your Practice? By CMT Contributing Blogger, Nancy Latady, Latady Physician Strategies SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 – In transitioning into a Concierge or Direct Care practice, it’s easy to focus on such obvious necessities as identifying services offered, setting fees, and informing patients […]

Emails Your Patients Love to Receive

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief  FEBRUARY 27, 2013 — Most people in today’s tech-age start out their day with a cup of coffee, tea or vitamin shake and proceed to check our email inbox. Emails are read, at time, forwarded to friends, filed away for safekeeping, or deleted. More frequently, […]

New Book Explores The Popularity and Challenges of Marketing and Growing A Concierge Medicine Practice

ATLANTA, GA [December 22, 2012] – Concierge Medicine Today announced the release of a new book about the controversial and growing free-market medicine business model called Branding Concierge Medicine. The book is authored by Concierge Medicine Today’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael Tetreault.  In this new book, Tetreault explores the popularity of […]