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(NEWS) NY TIMES, Concierge Medicine Today, Report: “To have an organization that has the core values Mass General [Boston] holds enter this arena adds momentum to the movement.” ~Publisher, C. Sykes, CMT

Founded for the Poor, Mass General Looks to the Wealthy By JOHN HANC  FEB. 12, 2016 Can a hospital founded more than 200 years ago to treat the poor also adopt a form of medicine some criticize as health care for the rich? The answer may come in […]

EDITOR: “Concierge Medicine Turns 20 this year!” More Subscriptions Are Coming to Your Doctors Office and Why You Should Use a Subscription Business Model.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief JANUARY 15, 2016 – This year [2016], Concierge Medicine turns 20-years old, at least according to the history books. In 1996, MD² Founder Dr. Howard Maron found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever more demanding pace of traditional medicine. This pace […]

Amac, CMT, The Collective Research and Others: ‘Concierge Medicine: An Alternative to Insurance.’

By – C.J. Miles, MBAHCM, MSA Research Analyst, AMAC Foundation Concierge medicine, an alternative to traditional medical practices, is an umbrella term for medical practices with a direct financial relationship with patients. These practices are known by a variety of names including concierge healthcare, direct primary care (DPC), […]