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Lyft announced a partnership with the National MedTrans Network that will provide seniors in NYC a simpler way to get rides to non-emergency medical appointments.

“Subscription-based Medical Care is a relatively new, free market delivery innovation and its taken on many variations and lessons from the success of Concierge Medicine programs over the years. Much like the popularity of other service subscriptions in the marketplace like Prime, Netflix or Costco, Subscription-based medical care […]

LAGRELIUS, MD: ‘You will never regret being a doctor IF you work only for patients. But if you don’t work only for patients, you will regret your decision in the end.’

Public Health & Policy | MEDPAGE 10 Questions: Tom LaGrelius, MD By David Pittman, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today DECEMBER 7, 2013 – What’s the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today? That’s just the first of the 10 Questions the MedPage Today staff is asking leading clinicians and researchers to […]