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SPOTLIGHT: WorldClinic, What Makes An Elite Concierge Medicine Practice Successful?

By Russ Alan Prince, Forbes, Contributor MARCH 2, 2015 – When it comes to providing concierge healthcare to the rich and super-rich, there are certain defining characteristics. There is a strong interest […]

‘I talked with Bret Jorgensen, CEO of MDVIP … We talked about the results that different intensive primary care models are demonstrating, and the challenges they face when they attempt to convince payers to invest resources in proactive medicine in order to enjoy those benefits.’ ~Hixon

By Todd Hixon, Forbes, Contributor AUGUST 29, 2014 – Last week I posted about the huge, neglected value of proactive medicine. Afterwards I talked with Bret Jorgensen, CEO of MDVIP, the pioneer […]