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MICHIGAN LAW: Medical retainer agreements for routine care won’t be considered ‘insurance’. Governor Signs Bill Freeing Up Market Approach to Health Care.

By Jack Spencer JANUARY 23, 2015 – Medical retainer agreements between physicians and patients will not be considered “insurance” in Michigan under a recently passed bill signed into law on Jan. 15 by Gov. Rick Snyder. The idea is to ensure that this innovative alternative way for families to obtain routine medical services at […]

Key Performance Indicators and Your Concierge-Style and Direct Care Medical Practice’s Success

Written By Michael Tetreault, Editor, Concierge Medicine Today Key Performance Indicators (KPI), also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI), help a concierge medical practice define and measure progress toward organizational goals (Source: About.com). Once a private practice has analyzed its mission, identified all its audience, and defined its […]