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Emails Your Patients Love to Receive

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief  FEBRUARY 27, 2013 — Most people in today’s tech-age start out their day with a cup of coffee, tea or vitamin shake and proceed to check our email inbox. Emails are read, at time, forwarded to friends, filed away for safekeeping, or deleted. More frequently, […]

New Book Explores The Popularity and Challenges of Marketing and Growing A Concierge Medicine Practice

ATLANTA, GA [December 22, 2012] – Concierge Medicine Today announced the release of a new book about the controversial and growing free-market medicine business model called Branding Concierge Medicine. The book is authored by Concierge Medicine Today’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael Tetreault.  In this new book, Tetreault explores the popularity of […]