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BLANCHARD, MD: Response to Detroit News Letter to the Editor … “Why do we have insurance for primary care?”

By John Blanchard MD CEO | Premier Private Physicians Management LLC http://www.premiermd.com jblanchard@private-physicians.com Office 248-220-1560 Why do we have insurance for primary care? Insurance is meant to be a mechanism to cover financially catastrophic events that occur rarely. Primary care is an inexpensive event that occurs frequently. Having […]

JEFF GOLD, MD: ‘So there is the value now lets look at the perspective. Our maximum monthly rate is $125 for age 65 and over. Here are some examples of “value/perspective” to ponder …’

By Jeff Gold, MD, Gold Direct Care MAY 19, 2015 – So the main question we get asked a lot by former and prospective patients regarding  DPC is “why should I pay you when I already pay insurance”?  This is a very good question and I think I […]