FORBES: ‘WeCare Clinics, Iora Health, Qliance Medical Management, MDVIP, and OneMedical have all reported reductions in total healthcare costs for their patients of 15% or more versus population norms*.’

By Todd Hixon, Contributor APRIL 4, 2014 – Many proposals for improving cost/effectiveness of U.S. medicine are contending for resources and attention. These proposals span personalized medicine, big-data technology to find patterns […]

GEORGIA: “There’s a $135-a-month fee,” says Dr. Stephen Carson. “That covers an annual wellness exam, a very detailed, comprehensive physical exam. We perform an EKG. We perform a spirometry. We perform an ABI, a circulation test. We give a vision screening and a hearing screening.”

DOCTOR ON CALL: New style of medical practice promises greater attention, more personal care By Charles Oliver March 8, 2014 – Call it the wave of the future or maybe a return […]