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OPINION: Will Cash-Only Medical Practices Become The Norm?

DEC 14, 2013 — Another unintended consequence of ObamaCare is making itself known as more doctors are bailing out of traditional medical practices and moving to concierge medicine. (This isn’t unexpected to […]

GOODMAN: ‘What If No Doctor Will See You? … when he opens a concierge practice, he’ll typically take about 500 patients with him (according to MDVIP, the largest organization of concierge doctors). That’s about all he can handle, given the extra time and attention those patients are going to expect. But the 2,000 patients left behind now must find another physician. So in general, as concierge care grows, the strain on the rest of the system will become greater.’

By John C. Goodman DECEMBER 15, 2013 – At this point we have no idea how many people will become newly insured under ObamaCare. For the first year out, the number of […]